Thursday, 20 September 2012

Round 1 ~ Photo Contest! *EDIT* *EDIT AGAIN* *EDIT AGAIN!!*

 Meep! Yeah, I know! Another edit! :P Well, I know I can give at least the fox hat, the bubble gum machine and I think the rc car as a prize. Sorry if I can't... But I've phoned AJ HQ and they're gonna try and get my stuff back!!! Please keep your fingers/paws/fins/flippers etc. crossed! :)



This contest will be closed today. Any more photos given in after today do not count, sorry! I am still not sure what the prizes will have to be, I'm going to phone AJ HQ later today and tell them to give my items back. If I succeed the prizes can be as planned. Keep your paws/flippers/fins crossed!!!!!!!! I don't know if there will be a second round or not, it depends on the photos!



Hello Jammers, I'm sorry but the prizes probably can't be what I planned. Very sorry but I just got hacked. :( Click here to read about it on my main blog. I will see if I can salvage anything from my side accounts. I will update this as soon as I can. Bye for now.
~Siliseal (Kinyonga)


Hello Jammers! As the polls have decided (well, not the polls themselves but whoever voted on them!) I am going to have a mixture in each round for my contest. The first round will be a photo competition!
Ok, you can take photos of whatever you want, but I'm going to have to have ages categories and photo categories. So, ages are: 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14+.  You can either put your age or if you aren't allowed, your age category. If you aren't allowed to do that tell me if you're under ten or not. Now, the photo categories are....
Animals, Scenery, People and Funny.
So no screenshots! And make sure you take the photos, not someone else. That's not fair. Please send your entries to my blog email:
Sorry if you don't have an email... If you don't but you have skype, skype me the photos I am Kinyonga.9 Otherwise you could send me the URL of your photo: open it in your web browser (safari, google, etc) and copy the URL and comment it. If you don't have a camera or a phone (I don't have a phone either) then perhaps you could ask to borrow your parents? Sorry if you can't.... Lastly you could send me a photo you took a while ago, if you want. It doesn't have to have just been taken. But not older than three years, and remember: IT HAS TO BE TAKEN BY YOU!
You must enter before the 27th of September. Please do not enter more than one photo for each category. If you do only the first one of each category received will be even looked at. I think that's it... Oh yeah, and the prizes are:

Please post about my contest on your blog if you can and be sure to tell your buddies! I want this to be a very full contest, unlike last time when I only had five people enter. D:

Ooooh! My foot! I've got pins and needles from sitting in a funny position for so long! It feels like my foot's a sponge. Yuck! Byeee!


  1. I sent you an email, but i forgot to put the age group I'm in XD
    Im the age group of 11-13!
    Okay thanks!!
    -TheSafari07 :)

  2. Me too, I forgot my age group:I'm 11-13

  3. Hi Kinyonga! I am going to participate. The problem is I can´t say my age. I hope doesn´t matter. Well, when I participate you will see the incredible cuteness of my dog Killer!
    P.S. Is the word verification thingy really nethesary? You know I am not a robot! Well, at least I hope you don´t think so.

    1. Ok that's fine. Lol!


      P.S I'll try and get rid of the word verification thing. :p

  4. Ooh, cool contest :) I'm definitely entering!

    ~bunnyhopcarrot (AJ)

  5. Can you enter even when you don't have a blog?