Friday, 28 September 2012

Round 2 ~ Nature Quiz

Meep Jammers! Ok, here is round two! Only these people can enter:


Right, now here are the rules:

No cheating.
No looking up answers on the internet unless marked by a *, you can use books! I know I cannot stop you doing this but please, if you want to cheat, use your heart. Is it right?
Please do not copy other Jammer's comments, to prevent this I will have comment moderation up.
Please answer all the comments, ones which say something like "I don't know" will be marked as wrong.
The person with the most answers right wings! If more than one person get all the answers right then both of them will go through and so on. Please enter!
Now for the Questions!

Q1. What kind of bird is this? (Credit to my Dad for the photo!)

Q2. How do male bullfrogs attract a mate?

Q3. What kind of lizard is this?

Q4. Can a hippopotamus swim?

Q5. How long does it take a faun to stand on it's legs, straight after birth?

Q6. What kind of tree is this?

Q7. What was the biggest specimen of the tree above?*

Q8. How does a male chameleon attract a mate?

Q9. What is a mirage? And can a camera take a photo of one?

Q10. Which part of the leaves is used to make tea?*

Q11. Can a waterfall freeze? - I mean, the water that is actually rushing down it. Not getting a covering of ice over the rushing water.

Q12. How are rainbows created?

Q13. Is there such a thing as a 5/6/7/9 leafed clover?

That's it then! Please enter before 2nd October 12pm AJ HQ's time!



  1. My username is TheSafari07 (i don't know why I'm saying it though cause you know me XD)

    Q1 Eagle

    Q2 by croaking and puffing out their throats

    Q3 Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

    Q4 yes

    Q5 They are able to stand about 10 minutes straight after birth

    Q6 African Baobab Tree

    Q7 It is in sun land nursery in south africa. It is 22 meters high and 47 meters wide.

    Q8 They change their colors to attract a mate!

    Q9 Its a optical illusion. No you can't take a picture of one.

    Q10 the blade

    Q11 yes they can!

    Q12: The formation of rainbow is due to the refraction and reflection of the sun's rays as they fall on the rain drops. As a ray passes into a drop of rain,the water inside the drop acts as a prism.The ray is refracted as it enters the drop and is separated into different colors.These colors then undergo total internal reflection on the opposite inner side of the droplet, refract again when they come out of the droplet and reach the eye to enable us see the vitural image of the rainbow.In fact many such droplets are responsible for the formation of the rainbow.

    Q13 Yes, but they are really rare!

    Good luck to everyone else!!

  2. aww I forgot to enter and it's past the date :3

    1. You can still enter I guess if you want!


  3. Sorry if it's too late! :P

    Q1. Appears to be a Bald Eagle (or a another raptor of some sort).
    Q2. They use their call (which sounds like the roar of a bull).
    Q3. Green Lizard
    Q4. Nope!
    Q5. Not long at all, it starts (at least trying) to stand right after its mom cleans it (bonding time). Then it starts to nurse!
    Q6. Baobab!
    Q7. The current largest one is the Sunland Baobab in Modjadjiskloof, it's 72ft tall and 154 ft thick!
    Q8. Flash its bright colors. :)
    Q9. A mirage is a type of optical illusion created by the atmosphere. Yes, you can take a picture of one!
    Q10. Tisanes, but the oil is often used.
    Q11. Yes, but it's not very common.
    Q12. Refraction of light through water droplets in the air.
    Q13. Yep, but they're rare. :P