Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Meep Jammers! This is my contest blog, where I will be showing my contests... Duh... :p Sorry. Anyway I will also be telling you when other Jammers are having contests, if I know about them! Thus, my sister StarryGem is having one. (A story contest.) CLICK HERE TO ENTER!  
I will be having a contest in about a week, I'm not sure what it will be yet, I have a poll up on my main blog! CLICK HERE to go to it. Please enter my contests and don't forget to give me your ideas!! Also it  would be GREAT if you could donate prizes... I'm not asking BIG things (though that would, of course, be great!) but yeah... If you have some you'd like to donate, please send them to ScaryBats.If you didn't already know, ScaryBats quit, and gave me her account, she gave her rares to someone I will not mention for fear of them getting ambushed by rare eaters. So yeah! Lol! That's it. Bye!

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