Saturday, 20 October 2012

Celebratory Contest!

Meep Jammers! So, you might be wondering what I'm celebrating? This: 10,000+ views on my blog, and 20+ followers! Yay! Keep it up Jammers!!! :) So, here are the rules, which I'm sure you all know already but let's go over them...


No cheating.
No looking up answers on the internet unless marked by a *, you can use books! I know I cannot stop you doing this but please, if you want to cheat, use your heart. Is it right?
Please do not copy other Jammer's comments, to prevent this I will have comment moderation up.
Please answer all the comments, ones which say something like "I don't know" will be marked as wrong.
The person with the most answers right wings! If more than one person get all the answers right then both of them will go through and so on. Please enter!

So, now the rules are over, let's get on with what the contest is going to be about! It'll be partly AJ, partly random and partly naturey. Please tell me if I did something like Q3. Q3. It seems to happen each time! :P

Q1. Name at least 5 of last years Jamaaliday (Christmas) daily gifts and the day they came out. *
Q2. Is a Humuhumunukunukuapua really an animal?
Q3. How do you get a lion/arctic wolf animal on AJ? 
 Please state the entire procedure of how you do it.
Q4. Why do elephants have big ears?
Q5.Why are some elephants apparently red while some are grey?
Q6. Who hacked me on AJ? *
Name any of the users, he has tons. At least one though!
Q7. What sort of flower is this?

Q8. What time of day do you think it is here?

Q9. How did you use to be able to get pets on AJ?
Q10. What is this?

Q11. Where do you find the flounder in Crystal Reef?
It's in the Journey Book by the way...
Q12. What kind of caterpillar is this?

Q13. Why is it considered unlucky to walk under a ladder? - Apart from that you might get a pot of paint on your head!
Q14. Why are black cats considered witch cats?
Q15. Name at least 7 items that came out at the Leap Year party.
Say their exact name.
Q16. What is the fear of halloween called? *
Q19. What were Jack-O'-Lanterns originally made of? (Before pumpkins were used)
Q20. What are chameleon's feet like?
The closing date is the 31st of October. All late entries will be disqualified. Enter, tell your buddies, post about it and have fun!! :) The prize is a MYSTERY PRIZE! - Well, I haven't thought of one yet actually... :P


  1. Wow! This looks like a hard contest! I'll skip lol.

  2. ☼pielover4ever☼20 October 2012 at 08:08

    1. Candy cane lights- Dec. 21
    Fireplace- Dec. 22
    Anenome head bow- Dec. 23
    Gingerbread house- Dec. 24
    Bag of Gifts- Dec. 25

    2. umm.. i'm gonna guess that its not an animal lol

    3. to get a lion or arctic wolf, you have to go to Best Buy, ToysRus, or Walmart to buy a gift card. Then i think you have to enter the code in the membership code thingy.

    4. i'm guessing elephants have big ears so they can hear things, because i think they have poor eyesight.

    5. I think some elephants are red instead of grey because maybe they have a health condition or, they might be sunburned.

    6. Kingfin

    7. i looked this up in my dad's book about flowers in North America, so i think that flower is a Pink Lady Slipper

    8. 7 a.m.

    9. You had to travel to different lands in Jamaa to get pets

    10. A giant ant hill

    11. You can find the flounder blending in with a bluish-grey rock near the top of Crystal Reef

    12. Cecropia Moth (used my dad's bug book lol)

    13. the ladder might slip, and you would fall on the ground, and the ladder would fall on top of you! lol

    14. because some people believe when a black cat crosses your path, its bad luck

    15. 1. Rare Necklace
    2. Rare Top Hat
    3. Rare Worn Blanket
    4. Rare Skinny Lamp
    5. Rare Floor Lamp
    6. Rare Table with Orb
    7. Rare Elf Helmet

    16. Samhainophobia

    (you forgot a Q17 and a Q18)

    19. Gourds or Squash

    20. i think they have little hands with claws

    i would also like to add, thank you for being so generous giving out prizes for contests! :D

  3. Ill do the first three. Now I has some research to do!
    1. Bow and arrows, anemone head bow, family of snowmen, snow Angel, frozen pond, bag of gifts
    2. Yes. The humuhumunukunukuapuaa is Hawaii's state fish.
    3. First you buy a gift card from the selected stores or buy the certificate. Then go to Animal Jam and go to the membership section, and click redeem. Choose the gift you want (the animal) and Tada!

  4. Q1. Ooooh, hard! Snowflake mat was gift no.1, 200 gems no.2, snowman family no.3, winter window no.4, and snowangel no.5.
    Q2. Yes, Humuhumunukunukuapua is a cute little fishy
    Q3. To get a lion/arctic wolf you buy a gift card, type in a code and bingo!
    Q4. Elephants have big ears to help them keep cool.
    Q5. Some elephants are red because of the red earth!
    Q6. MemeStache hacked you. I hate him!
    Q7. A sweet pea. Nice photo!
    Q8. What time of day do you think it is here?

    Q9. How did you use to be able to get pets on AJ?
    Q10. What is this?

    Q11. Where do you find the flounder in Crystal Reef?
    It's in the Journey Book by the way...
    Q12. That cute caterpillar is a... I can't remember! :(
    Q13. I don't know. :(
    Q14. Well, partly because they're black and partly because black cats are the cleverest cats, usually.
    Q15. Rare Worn Blankets, Rare Top Hats, Rare Magic Mirror, Rare Wings and Rare Necklaces.
    Q16. The fear of Halloween is called Samhainophobia.
    Q19. Jack-O'-Lanterns originally made of turnips!
    Q20. A chameleon's feet are in two bits, like two fingers, and they have claws. They are not like a lizard's feet.
    I don't think I filled it all out, anyway. I'm doomed. :(

  5. . Candy cane fence thing, fire place, bag stuffed with gifts, gingerbread house, snowflake rug! (I can't remember the exact date, I think to remember that is a little much, i mean come on.)

    Q2. Yes
    Q3. you can buy a Lion/Arctic wolf card at Walmart, and other stores, scratch off the code, and enter it in, but not of the regular code thing! On Animal jams home page, u know, were u log in, at the bottom of the screen, there will be a picture of the cards, click it, then click the thing that says "CLICK HERE TO REDEEM YOUR CARD!" enter the code, then u got a member ship!

    Q4. to fan themselves int eh hot weather! ^.^

    Q5. It has to do with eh mud they roll in! because Indian elephants roll in reddish mud, that is the color of soil there! and in Africa, the soil isn't that color!

    Q6. TRADEMEBETAS, he changed his user names, I think, didn't he, but that is the one you told me!

    Q7. No idea! got this wrong!

    Q8. in the middle of the night!

    Q9. With that code thingy! I remember when pets first came out! The thing, you would have this switchermuroo-thing that you would turn, there was a picture of a leaf, flower, water, mushroom Ect.!! ;)

    Q10. There is no picture, so I don't know! It just says What is this? And there is no picture or anything. . . so I don't really know.


    Q12. No idea! Looks like an Alien to me!

    Q13. because it is unlucky. . .? ^^

    Q14. Because they are black , and they are unlucky, I got that wrong, didn't i? x3

    Q15. Those rare wings, the fence, the jar thing that looks like it has lighting bugs in it, the one with wood, rare worn, rare neakalace, rare tophat, the white phantom hat!

    Q16. Halloween phobea? x3?

    Q19 squash

    Q20. like velcro! (That is how my dad said to spell it so ;P)

    Good luck every one!!!!! :D


    P.s. TEH question numbers went from 16 right to 19. You skipped 17 and 18! ;p OOOPS!

    P.s. Check out my contest! ^.^

  6. OH! forgot 11!

    Q11. Right under the Crystal Sands sign! @.@

  7. Now the picture is showing!

    Q10. Termite mound!


  8. EEEEEEE I give up. I keep entering then I accidentaly hit back or SOMETHINg. I would've failed anywayz..... Donuts

  9. I would enter, Kinyonga, but it would be like cheating because I watched my sister enter it, so I know all her answers.... Sorry... :( Next time, i won't watch her. ;)

  10. 1. Ohh well, I can name some, but not the day they came out: Snow Angel, Snowman Family, Bow and Arrow, Fireplace, Gingerbread Hous
    2. YES! I have no clue WHAT it is, but I'm pretty sure it is...
    3. A gift card! ^-^
    4. so that they can stay cool (like temperature-wise XD)
    5. Now I really have no clue on that one...
    6. AJFury
    7. Petunuia?
    8. I think it's early in the morning
    9. I saw Sasha answer that one. I really had no clue.
    10. It's a termite mound
    11. Up at the top by the Crystal Sands sign
    12. Your guess is as good as mine. ;p
    13. cuz it might fall on you? :\
    14. Because they are shadowy and evil-looking (sometimes) ?
    15. Phantom Hat (it was white), Purple Worn, Standing Lamp, Rare Fence, Rare Necklace, Top Hat (it was green and orangish), Rare Throne
    16. I have no clue. Halloween Phobia? We don't have any books about that sorta thing. . .
    19. Turnips
    20. Sticky?

  11. 1. Snowyflake rug December 15th Bag Of Gifts- December 25th Frozen Pond- December 27th 200 Gem Bonus December 16th 750 Gem Bonus December 29th
    2. Yes
    3. Well after you buy it from Walmart, go to AJ, go all the way down on the login screen, click AJ Gift Cards sign, enter the card code, it should ask you if it's you, and click yes, and it should apply it C:
    4. To keep them cool
    5.Because of the places they live in
    8.Morning or Evening
    9. The old way: Go to Paws 'n' Claws, Click on the pets they had, they had choices of pets, they're were snowflakes, rainbows, stars and clouds, pick one and you got the pet :3 *Credit to Dog26354 who helped me*
    10. Petrified wood tree trunk
    11. Near the ladder going up to crystal sands
    12.All I know is that it's a caterpillar >.<
    13. You might get bad luck for 20 years or it might fall on you
    14.witches=black magic=black cats XD
    15.Rare Wings, Rare Worn,Rare Necklace,Rare Beard, Rare Top Hat, Rare Lamp, and Rare Shark Fin
    (You misnumbered here you put 19 and 20 instead of 17 and 18)
    18. They have pads and claws/nails
    Sorry these answers are short because I had done a long comment and I clicked back and it was gone, so I was in a hurry!
    Hope I win!

  12. 1. bag of gifts (December 25th), Anemone Head Bow (December 23rd), Gingerbread House (December 24th), Frozen pond (December 27th), Phantom ice statue (December 28th)

    2. Yes its a fish!

    3. By going to the store and getting a animal jam gift card! Also the lion gift card is online at animal jam outfitters!

    4. The big eats are to help the elephants stay cool from the heat.

    5. Elephants are usually grey, but when they are in mud, they have reddish skin from the mud.

    6. MasterOfBeta

    7. Clarkia

    8. Dawn

    9. You would used to click on one of pets and then you would pick different symbols to change how the pet looks.

    10. Termite hill

    11. In front of the entrance Flippers 'n Finns

    12. Hyalophora cecrophia caterpillar

    13. People think there going to die if they go under it. They think this because a ladder is like the gallows that people were hung from.

    14. They are witches Familiars and they symbolize evil.

    15. Rare Shark fin, Rare top hat, Rare necklace, Rare magic mirror, Rare skinny lamp and Rare stone chair.

    16. Samhainophobia

    19. Turnips

    20. They have clamp like feet to grab on to things


  13. OakY! I PROMS I DIDN'T SEARCH THIS!! MY MOM DID BECAUSE MY FRIEND WANTED TO KNOW WHY PEOPLE CARVED PUMPKINS AND STUFF! My sister can even tell u that my mom searched it! And I didn't ask her to!

    19. Turnips


  14. Eh it's a little hard.. I don't think I can get very many right anyway.


  15. Username on Aj?: FallenStari! Meeting Kingyonga would also be a pleasure if can do!

    I've tried my best research. I am a tech-savvy person, you know *chuckles*

    1. Pink Purse, Bow and Arrow, Phantom Ice Statue, Frozen Pond, and Bag of Gifts. (PROOF?: I was there to witness it haha!~)

    2. Humuhm- *clears voice* Humuhumunukunukuapua (with 'a at the end) is actually Hawaii's state fish. So, yes, it is an animal. (PROOF?: I have a Hawaiian facts book, :3)

    3. Lions and Arctic Wolves are the not-so-ordinary animals you get for a 3- month membership (or a gift certificate!!). In particular, you can get lions at the Animal Jam Outfitters page,or at Safeway, Dominick's, Genuardi's, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Von's, Giant Eagle and Pavillion stores,Toys R Us, and Best Buy kiosks in the United States n'Canada.currently: you can only get arctic wolves at Walmart (sadly :().

    4. Elephants have big ears because they need to cool down from the heat.

    5. I took a lot of time on this! Elephants in Africa like being majestic and red andr they cover them selves in red dirt and stuff.. :)

    6. MasterofBeta. (also AJFury, CaptainSpiritJammer and TheBetaMaster)also you said yourself AJfury is innocent. (It was her brother who forced her..?)

    7. I'm dumb and I'm going for orchid. I tried calling nat geo and stuff they don't know.... *sob*

    8. Summer Sunset I'm thinking please please please oh pleaseeee

    9. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm from the pet shop in APPONDALEEEE I think. If not then you get them from areas around Jamaa but pretty sure the pet shop. Land pets where created only then way long ago before the underwater pet store came out.

    10. Oh my god.. Termite hill. (I've seen them)

    11. The flounder is on the top center in Crystal Reef.. Near the sign to Crystal sands..

    12. Wow. Puerto rican? I do not know for sure. :p

    13. Uhmm a ladder is a triangle when leaning... then holy trinity is using it as symbolism. so... no no violate etc. Originally, it was a stairway to heaven... And when we walk under it, it disturbs the spirits... Not good.... tisk tisk

    14. It was a legendary story tell truth for many have feared... Black cats. They are considered witch cats because the witch and black cat were a duo. And wherever a black cat was, they say so was a witch.

    15. Okay. Rare Wood Fence, Rare Table With Orb, Rare Stone Chair, Rare Skinny Lamp, Rare Floor Lamp, Rare Magic Mirror, Rare Top Hat.

    16. The fear of Halloween is called...Samhainophobia. dun dun dun

    17- wait you just skipped to 19 oh well

    19. Jack o laterns orignally were made of rutabagas, potatoes, turnips, or even beets... o-o I wonder how them look like o3o

    20. Their toes are split into two "fingers :P" they have tiny soft pads in between. It has sharp claws and they have two claws on the outside of their front foot and three on the inside. On the back, it's the opposite. Crazy!

    How I know all of this: My teacher is a animal- lover and she owns a chameleon name Mr. Simon Hissypants! (lolollolol)

    Well, THAT'S ALL! I hope I did well Kingyonga!


  16. 1) 5 of the holiday gifts: snowflake blanket, bow and arrows, winter window, 2 gem bonuses of some amount, ant the under water ananome head bow (i cant spell Dx)
    2) Technically, its a fish.
    3) You have to buy/ recieve a gift card. Its 16 dollars (15.99 if u want it to be exact)
    4) its to keep them cool. Did u know theyre shaped like Africa?
    5) Honestly, i dont know BUT!!! I think it might be an appearence, maybe from mud or dirty water.
    6) i dont know because this is the first time i looked at your blog. Btw its nice!!
    7) it looks like a pink snap dragon.
    8) maybe late morning/ early day.
    9) you had to go around jamaa to find pets
    10) its either a big sand pile or a realy sandy tree.
    11) its on the ledge where the whate disapears. Look for the eyes!
    12) idk but ITS SO CREEPY.
    13) its consitered unlucky because... Well, umm... Im sorry i have no idea.
    14) black cats usually look sorta evil cause theyre black and if its another cat, its fur might look black under the moonlight. Did you know cats cant see each other in the mirror?
    15) 7 leap year party items: rare top hat, rare phantom hat, rare wings, rare shark fin, rare worn, rare leaf armor(...? Im terrible at names!!) rare magic mirror
    16) i havent heard of it and i dont want to search it on the internet Dx maybe halloweenaphobia xD
    19) (you skipped 17 & 18) maybe watermelons? Took a wild guess.
    20) well, they stick to every surface but glass, so it might scaley and soft and sticky.
    -ShadowWolf02 (aj user)

  17. I can't wait to see who won!!!! O.O