Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Meep Jammers! Soooo... Out of the three people who entered, well, here're correct answers:

Q1. Here's FallenStari's perfect answer:

((The language learning software is...well...a language learning software really XD I have it and I'm learning arabic)

Q2. I've circled myself in red:

Q3. Circled in red:

Q4. And guess what? I've been circled in red!

So all of you, apart from SilverDawn/StarryGem who got the last one wrong, got them all right.

 Now here's there artwork:

Well, it's pretty hard to decide really! But as StarryGem is out as she got one Q wrong (otherwise I would have chosen her, no favouritism)... Hmmm... Sorry Starry, sorry Safari, FallenStari, you are the winner!!! Well done! I'll send you the prizes in a moment. What are the prizes, you ask? These are:

And Starry, Safari, you both get a runner's up prize! Here it is:

You get one each, sorry it's not amazing! 

Safari, Starry, both your pictures were brilliant anyway! Well done and remember to check back for more pawesome contests!


P.S Here're three people who are having a contest. Click their name to go to the contest!

If you don't enter...beware!


  1. Yay! Great job FallenStari!


  2. When's the next contest...?

  3. i hope the next contest is taking pics. because i like taking pics of my dog. and AJ.