Tuesday, 11 December 2012

20,000 views contest!!

Meep Jammers! Soo...the contest is here! Rules first, as usual:

No cheating.
No looking up answers on the internet unless marked by a *, you can use books! I know I cannot stop you doing this but please, if you want to cheat, use your heart. Is it right?
Please do not copy other Jammer's comments, to prevent this I will have comment moderation up.
Please answer all the comments, ones which say something like "I don't know" will be marked as wrong.
The person with the most answers right wings! If more than one person get all the answers right then both of them will go through and so on. Please enter! 
(Warning: might have some trick questions)

Ok, so the first round there'll be 5 questions, and a story-type contest. Meaning that you answer the questions (obviously) and then give me a story you're writing/have written. (It can be about whatever you want - almost anyway!) I'll judge between the best stories and the correct answers to see who wins/round 1!

Q1. Which countries are there in Scandinavia?
Q2. What's the female version of an Earl?
Q3. What is small, blue and eats mud?
Q4. What is my three-legged kitten called?
Sort of * I have an about me blog...
Q5. Is there such a place as Uzbekistan? If so, where in the world is it?

Ok, now you just have to comment/email me the story - which can be as long as you want, but no shorter than an A4 page or 1 normal Microsoft word document, preferably -  (animaljamtimes@yahoo.co.uk)! Nothing inappropriate though...

Not amazing, sorry! If I find anything else, I'll add!

The closing date is 23rd of December 2012.



  1. ☼pielover4ever☼11 December 2012 at 03:42

    what does the story have to be about?

  2. Definetly entering it haha

  3. Q1. Which countries are there in Scandinavia?
    Hum, I´ll look for an atlas... I don´t have an atlas, but according to my geography book its Denmark, Norway and Sewden.
    Q2. What's the female version of an Earl?
    I will look in my history book. It says that there isnt one, but the wife of an earl is called a countess.
    Q3. What is small, blue and eats mud?
    Hum... A baby with a blue T-shirt?
    Q4. What is my three-legged kitten called?
    I know that! Treacle!
    Sort of * I have an about me blog...
    Q5. Is there such a place as Uzbekistan? If so, where in the world is it?
    In the middle of Asia, I think.

  4. Ok, here is my story. I won a prize at my school with it!
    I woke up with a start. I had just had a very flustering nightmare. It was about some demons that had possessed our town. I didn´t see the demons, but I felt their power radiating from everywhere. I shook those feelings out of my mind and walked to school. But I still felt evilness and darkness as if it came out of the ground. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me. “You’ve got the energy.’’ It said. Turned my head but there was nothing.
    On the way back home, I saw a strange hooded figure dressed in black. It didn´t seem to walk, it seemed to plunge the earth with every footstep, stepping on the world as if it was junk. I followed it. We ended up in a misty park with a hollow tree. The figure stood next to it and suddenly disappeared. I approached the tree. Standing in the fog made me sleepy. I peeked inside the tree. There was an inscription that said: “Oh great devils, Evil Ones. Princes of Darkness, come to me.’’ I stopped to think. Perhaps if I said those words aloud I could go inside the tree? So not knowing that I was making a huge mistake, I pronounced them.
    It sounded like some sort of curse. I lost my balance and fell inside the tree. I still felt the darkness and evilness, but this time it seemed to be inside me. The inside of the tree was a dismal place with black marble walls, floor and ceiling. There was a door at the end of the corridor. Voices came from there. I wished I could become invisible, and my wish became true. “Why is this happening to me?’’ I desperately wished I could get an answer, and I did.
    A creature appeared next to me. It floated beside my head. “God or demon, who are you?’’ I asked. ``I am one of the six minor demons, and I work for my master’’, it answered, with quite a menacing voice. “Your wishes are turning true because you casted our curse.’’ It continued. “Now you’ve sold your soul to us, so all your wishes will become true. But you are ought to pay a price for it. Every wish of yours that we make true means there’s something that you have to do for us.’’ I realised that the voices belonged to people who had sold their soul. “I don´t agree and I don´t want to work for you’’, I said indignantly. “Too bad’,’ giggled the devil. “You said the curse, so now you are trapped for all eternity in our world of hell. So you have to agree.’’ And as it fell in manic laughter, I dashed away.
    I was trembling all over. I tried to keep calm. There had to be a way out. I then noticed a window on the door, so I peeped through it. There were lots of black figures. “Have you got him?’’ whispered one of them. “I think so’’, answered another one, as it took a human body out of its cape. It appeared to be deeply asleep. The first figure took a silver dagger from its pocket and sunk it in the victim´s neck. There was a violent scream. Scarlet blood flowed all over the floor and the corpse laid on the floor, motionless, dead. The figure opened a gloved hand and a glass bottle materialised. The blood shot up inside it. “We have the last ingredient’’, said the figure. “We will finish the potion, and our master will come out of the underworld. And the world will be doomed.’’ “NO!” I yelled. I felt a very pure energy pouring out of me. The black figures dissolved. The whole place was destroyed.
    No more darkness, no more evilness, no more demons. When you find that energy inside yourself, you can do anything.

  5. What Countries are in Scandinavia?

    What's the female version of an Earl?

    What's small, blue, and eats mud?
    The blue mud dauber. I think It's a wasp

    Which of your cats has only three legs?

    WHere's Uzbekistan?
    It exists and it's in Asia

    My story coming soon!!!

  6. Norway Sweden Iceland Denmark Finland
    There is none!
    Poison dart frog?
    It's on the continent of Asia.

    - katiegirl2003

    Ps, will do story later

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  9. Q1. Which countries are there in Scandinavia? - Denmark, Sweden and Norway. I love Scandinavia!! :D
    Q2. What's the female version of an Earl? - A countess. And a count is merely the European version of an English Earl.
    Q3. What is small, blue and eats mud? - A small, blue, mudeater!
    Q4. What is my three-legged kitten called? - Treacle, who has just knocked over the Christmas tree.
    Q5. Is there such a place as Uzbekistan? If so, where in the world is it? - well, I know it exists... Asia? Middle East?
    Good luck to everyone else, and story comin' soon! ^.^

  10. My story:
    Most of you know I have a cat called Samy. Well, she had an adventure which started yesterday and ended this morning at half past noon. I shall now tell you the story.

    Yesterday, my mother, my sister Kinyonga and I were going to the nearest big town to go to some appointments and the shops. But we never got there. What happened was this - our car bumped into the one in front, and the radiator broke. So we had to wait in the car for a long time while Mummy called garages to find one who could tow us somewhere for a price we could afford. Eventually we found one, they towed us back to their garage. It was weird being in a car which was moving without the engine on! Once we had got to the garage we went to the supermarket which was just nearby and then went home in a borrowed car. It was around seven in the evening by this time. As we always do when we have been out a long time, we let Samy outside. When we were about to go to bed, Samy still wasn't back. Kinyonga mentioned that one of the neighbours' Alsatian had been loose that night, and we all went to bed worried, hoping Samy would be back by the morning. But she wasn't.
    Kinyonga has just got on the computer and I was sitting next to her when Daddy came in and said that Samy wasn't back. So Kiny and I got dressed and went outside to look for our pussy, before even having our morning cup of tea. (I like tea brewed well, with a good amount but yet not too much milk, and no sugar). We rattled Samy's bowl, we called
    "Saaaaaamy! Sam-Sam! Wheeeeeere aaaaare you?"
    But she didn't come. We eventually went back inside. I have to admit I did shed a few tears over the situation. Where had our pussycat got to?
    Then a bit later Daddy suggested we go to the neighbour's house to see if Samy was there. The neighbours have a big garden where loads and loads of feral cats live, and they feed them. Samy had been born there, and even though she didn't like it there, it was a possibility she might be there. (They weren't the neighbours with the Alsatian). But, when we had gone out, Kiny suggested we might go up the close a bit to see if Samy was there. So we walked past the house which owned the Alsatian, and, we could see upstairs on a sort of balcony, a small chunky black cat with light green eyes.
    "It's Samy!" said I.
    So I went over and called to the person who owned the house (she was hanging out the washing) "Ont cherche notre chatte et je quois que je la vois la haut!" which just means "We're looking for our cat and I think I can see her up there".
    So the owner of the dog and the house said we could go and get her. But once we were up there, Samy had vanished!
    The balcony led into a sort of storage room, and there was an outdoor staircase leading from it to the ground. We had come up the staircase, so we would have seen Samy if she'd gone down it. We hunted around the storage room for ages and ages, and were about to give up when Kinyonga found Samy underneath a chest!
    So she picked her up and we headed back down, very much relieved. And we saw what had kept Samy up there so long. It was the Alsatian. When Samy saw him she growled and was terrified. So we realised that the dog must have chased Samy over there the night before and she had been too scared to come down. But she was now safe at home.

  11. #1 Norway, sweetend finland
    #2 a Duchess
    #3 Some kind of beetle?
    #4 Treacle
    #5 Yes. It’s south from were I live! WAY south!

    I have emailed you Moon Caves, you’ve read it right? Dose that count? (You can reply on my blob since you can’t really let people see this! LAWL)


  12. Im not much of a writer, but how long should the story be, because i have alot :D


    1. Well...at least a page of A4 paper, or a page on Microsoft word probably! :D

  13. I'm gonna enter! I think I know most of these :3

  14. Q1. Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Greenland.
    Q2. Countess...?
    Q3. Macaw.
    Q4. Treacle.
    Q5. Yes, it's in Central Asia and close to Afghanistan.

    I'll send you my story! ^^

  15. Could I enter using my Warriors book? Or no. Does it have to be a short story??

    1. You definitely could enter with that! :) It can be as long as you like! :D

    2. YAY!! Is it okay that it's not finished? :3

    3. "Ok, now you just have to comment/email me the story - which can be as long as you want,"
      /).- Why didn't I just read more carefully.... lol

    4. @Amelia1 - Yeah, it's fine! :)
      @Amelia2 - I just added that after you'd put your comment! So you DID read carefully XD

    5. My dad just told me that a female Earl is a Countess!!!!! Please add that to me answers!!


  16. Okay here goes nuthin'! :D

    1) Norway, Sweden, and Finland

    2) A countess! I looked in our dictionary :3 But it was NOT online, so that's okay, right?

    3) A dung beetle

    4) TREACLE! And he ish adorable!!! ^-^

    5)Yes, indeed there is! It's right between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan!

    And I'll send the story in right now! :D I've fixed a few things here and there, so I'll send you the updated version((:

    Great contest! I hope I win! Meep!! :D


  17. Kinyonga, did you get my answers and story for the contest? :D