Monday, 7 January 2013


Meep! So round 2 has ended, and here're your results!

SilverDawn - 9/10

SleepySasha - 5/10

MisterChunkybuddy - 10/10

Amelia0308 - 5/10

Tortiesrock - 7/10

AllRiseSilver - 6/10

So MisterChunkybuddy is the winner! Here're the correct answers;

 Q1. Kenya is in East Africa, on the coast!
Q2. Chameleons can see in the past and the future, and if they bite you/spit on you your dead O.O luckily not true! XD And if it goes in your hair only your uncle can take it off. Not true! I tried 'em all lol! (Apart from the spitting thing - they don't spit lol) Oh, and Amelia, they can change their pattern! Meep! :3
Q3. That is an elephant's trunk, pretty easy!
Q4. It's called a fire salamander because of it's colouring and it's poison is said to feel like fire, also a while ago, when people made bonfires and stuff the salamanders would crawl out of the piles of wood where they'd been living, to flee the flames. People then thought they were born from the flames! O.o
Q5. That is a Vervet Monkey!
Q6. That's a fish eagle!
Q7. Nope, 6 were beheaded, 1 survived and one died during child birth. (I'm pretty sure!)
Q8. That's a warthog!
Q9. Chameleons generally live to around 8 years.
Q10. White ants and termites are the same!

So, well done Chunky - and everyone else!
Here're the prizes you will recieve:
(I've already sent them to you lol!)
I hope they're ok?
And, in second place is SilverDawn!

You get these! :)



  1. Gollee, Chunnky must have some pretty informative books. . .

    1. Yes, I have loads of books. I have a library in my house and 2 walls are full of books, and there are lots of books in other rooms.

  2. Yup, I failed. As expected, but good job, MisterCunkyBuddy! The contest was quite fun, too! I hope you have another soon, Kin!