Friday, 15 February 2013

And the winner is...

Meep Jammers!
You all sent in some pretty good stuff! :3
Though Infinitemajesty didn't enter round 2, I think he was away...sorry! I'm afraid I can't elongate the closing time D:
And also Yllil245 entered screenshots of Animal Jam. So that rules out two of you! (Sorry...)

Anyway, the winner is...
It's a fantastic photograph! ^.^
So were all your others, as a matter of fact :3
So rainyviolet wins these!
*claps loudly*
Teeny problem - you'll need to comment and tell me when you can be online so I can trade you the items...

Then, in second place...
 Brilliant photo! :D
So you win these!

And in third place...
Cute dog! 
(I decided not to enter the drawing, because it wouldn't be fair...) 
Thus, you win this!
Well done! :D

Well done everyone!
I'll send the prizes to the winners. The prizes will be coming from, most likely,  my side-account, the username is Siliseal. 
Bye for now! :D


P.S If you find it hard waiting for the next contest then just FOLLOW MY BLOG!
When I have 50 followers (I am currently at 48) I will have another contest!


  1. You were supposed to enter REAL photos? D:
    I thought you ment Animal Jam Screenshots.. D:
    That sucks, I don't have a camera T-T

  2. You didn't even say in the rules 'Real life'...
    Since this is an animal jam blog i use common sense (duuur) and take Animal Jam stuff :|

  3. Replies
    1. @Yllil - Meep! Yep...well, if I'd meant screenshots, I would have said screenshots. As I meant photos, I said photos XP
      I thought it was obvious... *shrugs* everyone else entered "real" photos. And last time, too. And THIS isn't an AJ blog. My main blog IS. This is just a contest blog - MOST of the prizes are Animal Jam. Sometimes they are Chicken Smoothie, sometimes a banner. So yeah!

      @echid - Perhaps you mean "congraTs"? XD

  4. Hmm, should I friend you on Animal Jam???

    1. Good idea! :D I'll send you a buddy request now. What country are you in, though? Because I'm in France and idk what time you'll be on... (France has around 8 hours difference from US)

  5. Apple juice. On a airplane. I love it :)

  6. Wow that photo of the glass is amazing! I had to enter the one of Killer, because it was the only one I had. But isn´t he a very cute doggy? Appart from him I have a female dog called Lula, she is a really hairy tibetanian terrier. And I used to have a chihuaha named Poco (Poco means little in spanish) but he died because he was 18 years old. I also used to have two turtles, but Ainoa18 left the cage open and they ran away. I have also had 3 rabbits, one died of old age, one escaped and one got a heart attack. D:. I also used to have a gerbil that bited a lot, you had to wear thick gloves to hold him.
    (Sorry if that was kinda of topic)

    1. Ikr! Yes, VERY cute! ^.^ Nice! Awww...