Monday, 18 February 2013

Drawing Contest for 50 followers!

Meep! This contest is for 50 followers!! :D
Thank you for following my blog! ^.^
Anyway! What you've got to do is simple: draw a picture (on paper, on the computer, how ever you like) and then email it to me at
Or just comment the picture's URL!
Of course, we sadly need a few rules:
 You can draw ANYTHING (whatever you want and however you want) as long as it's not inappropriate!
You can draw up to three pictures!
They must be in by the 25th of February 2013!
No entering more pictures under a different name!
Do not use other people's drawings!

Ok! The winner must play Animal Jam or Chicken Smoothie.
For they must choose between a CS or an AJ prize! 
The prize is, for now, a MYSTERY!

If you come 2nd, I'll make you a banner/signature/overall view of your den etc!
Just tell me how you want it - once you've won ;)
Ok! Bye for now and good luck!


  1. Mine might not have the best quality, I'll have to use my iPod camera which is awful, only because my new computer won't let me scan!

  2. I have a question: Can it be a pencil shaded drawing? As long as the shading is really good? ^-^

  3. What kind of drawing? Like, what should it be of?

  4. My entry is the echidna on my blog the one that says by echid

  5. Kin,
    We can draw ANYTHING, right?! Anything???

    1. @Mango - That's fine! ^.^
      @Oxlillyxo - Sure!
      @Vms - Whatever you want! Animals, plants, building, person, scenery etc. (Just not inappropriate)
      @echid - Ok!
      @Torties - Yep! (Just not inappropriate)

  6. I'munna enter!! ^-^ And I'll tell Sasha about it too. Oh, wait, but she'll win if I tell her O.O haha, I'll still tell her anyways :P

  7. Kin,
    I sent you my pictures I drew, but I posted them on my blog in case my computer messed it up or did something weird to the email

  8. Raoul Ca Raoule from cars 2~ Dog form o3o

  9. Raoule ca roule from cars 2~

  10. A drawing contest you say? I'M SO DEFINITELY IN. Is it okay if I enter a pencil drawing of a person? I'm practicing realism right now and I've got a few drawings of people. ^^

  11. Ha ha, Sleepyshasha will win for sure. I will enter some of my pencil animal pictures.

  12. When will the winner be announced? ^=^

  13. I amps ting my picture on my blog later, orry for the late entry

  14. Dod you get my Drawing, Kinyonga? Just making sure ^_^