Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Meep!! Ze vinners shall be announced...as soon as I've looked through the pictures properly XD


Poof! Back! Gahhh this is hard DX
I've narrowed it down to 5 people... *sob* And they all have several entries DX


Hmmm...aha...yes...ok! The overall winner is...
well, that's the picture anyway :3
The person who drew it is...
(you win a lot, don't you? lol!)
 Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy, I enlargened it a teeny bit XP
I will send you the prizes!
The prizes are...

I will send them to you later today or tomorrow!

And in second place...0xLizzyx0!
Brilliant! So you want an overall view of your den? Right-ho!
Just make sure it's unlocked and decorated however you want! ^.^
(Comment and tell me.)

And I decided to have a few Honourable Mentions!
(I just say that your drawings are amazing!)
 In no specific order;





Inline image 1
 (I couldn't decide which... DX)

Well done everyone!
Bye until the next contest!! :3 


  1. NOOOOOOOO I totally forgot to enter DX
    you should have a phtography contest next :)

  2. I have just two things to say... Yay and thanks!

  3. ♈♑ You guys are all great drawers! I kind of stink at drawing compared to you guys but I am younger than you guys and you guys have more experience, but still GREAT JOB! <- run on sentence!♑♈

  4. Congratulations to all the winners! Those are some awesome drawings. :D I'll have to try again next contest then... ;_;

  5. Wow thank you so much Kinyonga for making me in second place! I'm not able to get on AJ a lot during Mondays through Thursdays because of homework, but I think I can have my den done sometime this weekend.


  6. Darn it... what place would mine get if you showed them all?

  7. Awww D: guess i should enter the next contest then :)


  8. You should do photography next Kinyonga :D

  9. Good job all!

    I kinda stink at drawing. :P

  10. I had another drawing, but I didn't get it onto my computer in time to enter it.


  11. Et tu... I knew my pictures didn't really fit with the sorta section or theme or whatever... Anyways, CONGRATS PEEPS WHO WON!

  12. @Mango - Awww D: Ok, I will!
    @Chunky - XP
    @Bell - Meep!
    @Silver - Yours were great too!
    @Lizzy - Meep! ^.^ Ok ;)
    @pupp - Hmm...I'm not sure lol :p
    @Belle - Yes! And ok ;D
    @Vms - I'm sure you don't!
    @Torties - Meep...Silver entered your sort of thingy too! But...no offence, I guess I'm not a fan XP Yours were good drawings though!

  13. I'm just wondering... What was your criteria when you judged the contest? Like did you judge based solely on your own opinion of what type of drawing you liked, or did you actually look at technique, shading, etc? I was thinking about that because of your comment replying to Torties, how you're not a fan of manga/anime. (That would be the 'thingy' of genre we both entered. Well, mine wasn't actually anime... It was more between realistic and anime) o3o

    1. Meep! ^.^
      I knew someone would ask something like that after I put that comment to Torties XD
      Yes, though, I judged based on the technique, shading etc. Yours were really good! But, to tell you the truth, I kinda forgot you entered DX DX DX DX DX D: D: D: D: D:
      I'm going to make you an honourable mention :3

  14. Whats the one at the bottom, it does not show on my computer!!!

  15. Kinyonga, I still tried XP How did you like my Raoul CaRoule? ;D Ima big Cars fan.. Lol. I don't mind I didn't make it. Everyone did amazing! :D

  16. Congratulations, everyone! :D They're all really good! I can see why you had a tough time judging, Kiny. ;)

    ~Amelia0308 who doesn't want to sign in at the moment... ;P