Saturday, 27 April 2013


Here I am, with the results!
But firstly, I'm sorry ekjma2000, the contest was closed when you entered, so I can't count your answers. Sorry!

So, the winner is...MusicalBunneh!
Congrats! You're prizes are...
Good job ^.^ I'll trade them to you when you come online.

And the correct answers were:

1. Saltwater crocodile
2. Pour the juice from the second one into the fifth one
3. Seahorse
4. Stairs
5. Sheep
6. Honey badger
7. The letter N
8. The letter E
9. Komodo dragon
10. Portia jumping spider
11. River
12. Coffin
13. Bookkeeper


  1. wow that is a beta tiara 0.0 lucky!!!


  2. What about the Sydney Funnel-web Spider? That's a girl's name right?

  3. Trading 2 pink rhinos, 1 white rhino, and Moon Dirt for a yellow rhino.

    Contact me if intersted >.<

    - from Xaguar