Sunday, 26 May 2013


Meep Jammers!
Thank you so much for the 60,000 views on Animal Jam Times! ^.^
This contest is going to be a write-your-own-poem contest! :3
It can be on whatever you like, as long as it's not inappropriate. Please add a drawing/photo/screenshot/video to go along with it, otherwise it will not be counted.
You can comment the poem, email ( it or send it in however you like! :3
This contest closes on the 10th June.
The prizes, for 1st place, will be...

Good luck, and please enter my YouTube giveaway! ^.^



  1. One day...

    One day I was walking,
    but certainly not talking,
    because of he who must not be named.
    It is he who stopped me talking,
    one other day when I was walking,
    he just jumped up and started talking some strange magical words,
    the next thing I new he had stopped me from talking,
    and no I just cant stop walking to where he who must not be named lives!

    I will send a screenshot through email.


  2. Here is my poem:
    And I will email my drawing when I have the chance:
    It's a Haiku:

    Ripples Splash Across
    Shells and Rocks Speckle the Sand
    In this Vast Ocean

  3. What if you can't comment on YouTube?????

    1. If you can't comment on YouTube, I'm afraid you can't enter >.<

  4. Then comment HERE, like me
    My use is LilCreativeLeaf and here is my poem about spring.
    All of the flowers bloom, all the colors brighten, and the green grass grows.
    ^.^ it's called a haiku, which is a type of poem.
    And another poem, about summer.
    The sun blazes down, which upon you shall lay down, oh summer it is.
    And one about places.
    Oh I shall seek, on a lofty mountain peak, or where the green grass grows, and where the tall building grows. Seeking through the twilight, singing around the trees, dancing around the fire, but its blown out by a breeze. How the sun really shines, and reading all the signs, that are read around after times. Oh how the world is all made, like searching for a jade, walking in a cave.
    Yeah, it makes no sense, through no bad comments. :((

  5. Me 2. I saw your entry mcb (is it alright if I call u that?) it is really good!

  6. Is it okay if I get a picture for my poem on Google Images? My camera doesn't work, and I'm not sure how to scan drawings.

    1. Okay, good. XP Thanks

    2. You could always do a screen shot. Here is how:

      1. Click on the wondows icon at the nottom left of your screen.
      2. Click on all programs.
      3. Go to accesories.
      4. Find snipping tool thingy.
      5. Click on it.
      6. It will open on your screen.
      7. Click on the top left of the part of screen you want to snip.
      8. Drag ,but keep holding the mouse down, in a diagonal line to where the bottom right bit of your image will be.
      9. Then you can change the image, draw on it and save it from there.
      10. To add the picture to a document or something there are two ways. One go through all your images and then double click it OR a much quicker way! 2. Just press right click and then paste and wala! P.S. It has to be the most recant snip you have taken.


    3. O.O Or you could just press "prnt scrn" which is somewhere at the top of your keyboard - mine is next to the number lock and above F10. Then open paint or something similar and click paste. Voila :3

    4. Thanks, Cub & Kiny

    5. Or just press command, shift, and then 4 in that order while pushing the buttons at the same time.

  7. Sweetpanda567892 June 2013 at 03:51

    Sorry,my parents didn't allow me still I would love to enter :)
    Have a great day.
    And Kinyonga I love your website can you plz buddy me plz plz plz

  8. This is the story of the Great Buddha,
    I donʼt know if he likes cheesy gooda.
    It started in nepal, right near india,
    with many girls wearing bindia.
    He was a prince named Siddhartha Gautama,
    when he was born, she died, his mama.
    He liked to drink fresh milk,
    and wore garments of silk.
    He never saw anyone poor, sad, or sick,
    and never touched a single indian tick.
    One day, he went out by himself,
    and saw something, that scared oneself.
    He met an old person, and second a sick man,
    saw a dead guy and another drinking from a can.
    Now gautama saw suffering,
    the sights he saw were unappealing.
    His search for truth began as an ascetic,
    he ate very little, he was dietetic.
    They practiced self-denial,
    his brand new life style.
    Then a woman gave him delicious food,
    he gobbled it up in a brand new mood.
    So he studied with hindu gurus,
    but that just gave him the blues.
    They taught him salvation,
    but he had no relation.
    So he gave up on them,
    and meditated on a stem.
    For 49 days, he sat there with amaze,
    he gained enlightenment from the tree of knowledge.
    He freed himself from suffering,
    and changed the world with his teaching.
    He wasnʼt a god, nor an angel,
    he wasnʼt a saint, nor a gazelle.
    He was awake,
    to spread the word, to betake.
    He became the Buddha,
    not mythical garuda.
    He continued to travel and teach,
    traveling from beach to beach.
    Attracted many followers,
    and trained them to be teachers.
    His buddhist teachings of respect and compassion for all living things are still a great passion for people today.

    Sorry it's such a weird topic. You said anything so you know... It was a school project for history. We're learning about civilizations in India so yeah. It doesn't really rhyme in some parts, too, sorry.
    Go here for the picture:

  9. Sweetpanda567898 June 2013 at 01:28

    Can my poem be of 24 lines is that too much?

  10. Hello! May I know if this contest is still on? Because, most of the comments are about 2 months ago, the latest, more than 1 month. If it is still on, I'd love to enter!

  11. Here is my poem this takes a long time.

    In a new world known
    which zios and mira own
    there lived a king phantom
    and only some
    would stand up
    and offer him tea in a cup
    boiling with rage at
    the annoying tipping hat
    he set out to create
    chaos in which none could mate
    the alphas kept them at bay
    and only zios would say
    treat them right
    then they may stop the fight
    yet no one would hear
    and turn a deaf ear
    to his pleas for peace
    and said do you want us in one piece?
    then fight we say
    and fight we may
    yet not only were phantoms abroad
    tears fell to the sod
    as hackers and scammers here
    would interfere
    at the peace long sought
    and for that they fought
    yet the brave zios sadly
    made a phantom madly
    shoot a ray
    which made him go away
    yet zios still lives in our hearts
    so we use our smarts
    and o though that zios still lives.

    end ofpoem i just want fox hat or forward this post to mister chinkybuddy i am loopsterrui!

  12. Here's my poem, I might update it later, my user is harpyloves

    On the first moon of January
    As the blood orange sun had begun to rise
    a wolf was born
    but her parents were torn
    as they must abandon their girl to live.
    She was raised with the phantoms
    never saw the break of dawn
    She was written about in scriptures
    and this is merely just one
    the phantoms taught her to hunt
    she was swift as a deer
    they taught her electric magic
    she was strong as a snow leopard
    then the day came
    the phantoms took her there
    to the land of Jamaa
    the land sparkled with rivers
    and the grass glinted in the sun
    the phantoms said all she sees
    will be hers in the summer breeze
    she came with the king
    who had taken her in as one of them
    once they reached the land she had seen
    the ambush began
    but she couldn't hurt these animals
    Zios's paw touched her heart
    she felt something for these animals
    it felt like one of Peck's works of art
    she saw the Alphas and realized
    that she was hurting her own kind
    the phantoms had told her she was theirs
    she turned on the phantoms
    and brought herself to tears
    she knew what had to be done
    she took her dagger like teeth
    and used her leopard like strength
    and used her deer like speed
    and won the ambush for Jamaa.

    Thanks hope this touches you!

  13. His name was Zios the Sky Father
    He was a spirit full of talent
    With gold he made his mask
    And started his task.
    His task was to create a land
    With beaches full of sand
    Bushy forests, lots of trees,
    Mushrooms beneath the canopees.
    High mountains full of snow
    With nature high and low.
    So, full of inspiration
    He started his creation
    Jamaa is the name he gave it
    He lived on it for quite a bit.
    But then he became lonely
    Because if it was him only
    He couldn´t have at all fun.
    But, near the bright sun
    He saw a pretty sight
    Bathed by the light
    Was a pretty bird
    In a melodic voice he heard
    "My name is Mira, who are you?"
    And soon, those two
    Became the Queen and King
    They had a wedding ring
    And they build up in the sky
    A house amazingly high
    It would be their home
    Now they would never be alone.
    But, they had to do one more thing
    They had to fill Jamaa in
    Whith animals of all kinds
    Who would support them at all times.
    Little bunnies who ran around,
    Big wolves who made a howling sound,
    Koalas danced all night
    Monkeys who climbed all right,
    Seals that dived in the seaside,
    Roaring tigers full of pride,
    Pandas muching on bamboo,
    My, it looked like a zoo!
    And, to control the crowd
    The gods decided, very proud
    To choose animals with a great mind
    Who would lead the animals of their kind
    So that was the alphas beggining,
    They were very different beings.
    Liza the explorer,
    Leader to the others,
    Sir Gilbert, who would defend,
    The land from a battle with no end,
    Peck, an artist full of talent,
    And joyfull Harper, so valent.
    Greely the magician
    Graham in the joker´s position,
    And Cosmo the herbalist.
    But, between the mist,
    Something evil has happening,
    Some traders were turning in,
    Instead of playfull jammers,
    Mean and egoist scammers.
    When she saw such a sight,
    Mira cried all night.
    Her tears fell to the ground,
    And with a creaking sound,
    Phantoms had been formed,
    And around the land they roamed,
    Ruining all the fun,
    While jammers were on the run.
    Zios offered a deal,
    And so, full of thrill,
    Said we would treat
    The phantoms as if it,
    Was just a mistake
    And the phantoms wouldn´t take
    Over the land he´d made,
    As long as they behaved.
    But the phantoms shot a ray
    And right there, Zios lay
    Motionless and dead,
    But with good thoughts in his head.
    Now things in Jamaa are okay,
    Although the phantoms may
    Still be trying to thrive,
    New animals have arrived.
    And all alphas contribute
    To keep away those ghastly brutes
    And now Jamaa is a land,
    Whose future´s in our hands.
    And even if you´re just a child
    Just remember to play wild.
    me use are name is elijah00973