Sunday, 19 May 2013

Meep :3

Meep Jammers!
Well, sadly Snowyclaw didn't enter round 2 of the contest >.< So Pupp1266 wins, even though she only got one right :p
Here, firstly, are the correct answers! :)

Q1. The first HP book was rejected twelve times! I bet those publishers are really peeved, now! XD
Q2. I'm afraid I can't remember DX
Q3. Bill Sikes is the murderer. >.<
Q4. Nancy Surame-Unknown is murdered.
 Q5. Professor Quirrel!
Q6. John, only mentioned in two books, as far as I remember.
Q7. Well, yeah. :p
Q8. Gilbert Blythe became the husband.
Q9. A robin. 
Q10. Georgina, she preferred to be known as "George".

So! Pupp1266, the grand winner, which of these prizes do you wish for? 
All of these?

Or all of these?

Whichever bunch you choose, we'll have to think up a time to meet on AJ :3
Snowyclaw, I'll send whichever ones Pupp doesn't choose, to you ^.^


The next contest will be 60,000 views! We only need 300 more :)


  1. AGGGGGGGGG this is hard... is it possible you could mix them up a bit? I really want the claw machine, robot, grey legend, and that's all. Can you talk to snowy about it? She never answers my questions in email.

  2. If she doesn't answer this post... could you just give me all the prizes XD??

    -pupp1266 who again doesn't wanna log in.

  3. Wait Kin, it was ending today! You said on the last one you could enter the day of???

    1. Oh yeah...Hey, that's odd...
      Oh I get it! I was doing that post at 12.50am so I guess I thought you wouldn't have posted your answers X3 but then, of course, you have a different timing thingy... :p
      Darn, I'm sorry!!! >.<
      Now what do we do...? DX

  4. How sad... Who won 3rd place?