Saturday, 4 May 2013

ONE more :3

We just need ONE more follower :3
Follow! ^.^
Oh, and there's a tab somewhere up there ^^^ that links to AJT :)


  1. I have followed your blog since December of 2012, and i am commenting because i just wanted you to know. Remember i commented on your other blog that i was hacked by najee77, and on rarity scan i asked if u could do it on beta wings and rare bows(i would like to add non-member swords. You might wonder why i am commenting as anonymous, but I am because for some reason when i comment on my Google account it never shows anymore(I will have to figure out why, and if you know please tell me). So yeah...once it is fixed i will start commenting again as Sara. So I am a follower and a huge fan of your blog, oh and how do you start a blog? I have been playing animal jam for 2 years with no member-ship(i plan on getting one next week),so i thought i have played for a long time so i should start a blog so can you help me with that? And also when you buy the arctic wolf membership cards at Walmart, where exactly are they located? Okay last question is, on your recipe blog can you give me a recipe on how to make a graduation cake(my older brother is graduating from UTD in 4 days and i thought it would be neat to give him a homemade cake, he likes chocolate). Also i have gotten some beta stuff on animal jam so i have partially recovered from the hack but i still want my rares and other betas back, so when najee77 hacked me she recycled me stuff on my account, how do i get that stuff back, I emailed ajhq but they did nothing so yeah... Anyway thanks and please reply to my questions and yes i am a huge follower and lover of your blogs thanks kinyonga! ~from the blogger Sara who's user name on animal jam is aj94538 and please try to buddy me if you can i would love that:D!

    1. Wow long comment! O.O I'll try and do that rarity scan asap! ^.^
      I'm afraid I don't know where in WalMart the code cards are located, I have never been there and I'm sure all shops differ.
      Sure! I'll try and post on one today or tomorrow! :)
      DX Try and phone AJ HQ. Look up their phone number and explain it to them. They should be able to help! :)