Friday, 10 May 2013

Party 11th May 12-1pm AJ HQ Time

Meep Jammers!
It's my blog (Animal Jam Times) one year anniversary today! ^.^ I've been blogging for exactly one year! :D
To celebrate, I'm having a party on Animal Jam. 
When? 12-1pm AJ HQ time (Utah) TODAY
Where? My (Kinyonga's) den on Animal Jam
Why? 1 year blog anniversary
Who can come? Anyone!

Please tell your buddies!!! :)

Please scroll down for my 75 Followers Contest!
And doubly scroll down for my black rhino helmet giveaway - which ends tomorrow!



  1. I think I'll be asleep. But have a great time anyway.

  2. What kind of time is AJHQ time?

    1. AJ HQ time is Utah. There's a clock of AJ HQ's time on the side ----------->
      If you want, you can just look up the time difference between Utah and you.

    2. Okay thanks. I will be there