Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Round 2 - Books

Meep Jammers! ^.^
I'm here to announce the winners of round 1 - we have to have a round 2 because they both got 9 out of 10!
First of all, I just want to say that, sadly, not all of you read the rules >.<
"If you think the answer is false then please state what the true answer is!"
So, I'm afraid, a lot of the answers can't be counted DX

Here're the correct answers, first! :3

  1. False - cats and dogs don't see in black and white, but they don't quite see what we see :3
2. False - bats can eat up to 30,000 insects in one night!
3. False - the longest flight of a chicken was 13 seconds!
4. False - adult flies eat very little in proportion to their size, but pretty much all they eat is sugar or salt to give them the energy they need.
5. False - it was a Yorkshire terrier! Although chihuahuas are the smallest breed, the smallest individual was a Yorkie :3
6. False - a giraffe is, on average, 18 feet and a koala 2 feet! So it would be 9 koalas :)
7. False - it's around 40,000!
8. False - 1.6 million miles is the answer :)
9. False - coven, sloven, loven etc all rhyme! But I guess it depends on your accent, whether they rhyme by sound or not :p
10. True - Mercury's years are longer than the days! O.O

Now, who passed round 1? 
Snowyclaw and pupp1266! ^.^ Congrats!
Now you two, and only you two, have to answer these questions on books! You can not look up the answers on the internet!

Q1. How many publishers rejected the first Harry Potter book?
Q2. How many different languages are the Guardians of the Ga'Hoole translated into?
Q3. Who is the murderer in Oliver Twist?
Q4. Who got murdered in Oliver Twist?
Q5. Who was the teacher in Harry Potter who had Voldemort in his head? XD
Q6. What was Doctor Watson's (from Sherlock Holmes) first name?
Q7. What the heck is the Hunger Games about?
Q8. Who did Anne Shirley (from Anne of Green Gables) marry in the end?
Q9. What animal showed Mary Lennox into the Secret Garden?
Q10. Who was the tomboy's, in The Famous Five, name? (Boy and girl name.)

 Whatever happens, one of you will win something XD
 For 1st place...

And for 2nd place...

You can comment or email me your answers ( but they have to be in by the 19th of May!  Good luck! ^.^ 



  1. Yep...I didn't finish my answer X3

  2. I'm excited that I made it, but the next round is hard which might be good so I can get second!! Haha good job snowflake too.

    1. Stupid autocorrect I meant snowyclaw sorry about that

  3. Are we aloud to use book reviews?? That's on the internet but still could help you know..

  4. I did read it twice and it did not say anything about statng what yhe answer was!

    1. @Pupp - Hmmm... I guess so :3
      @Cubs - O.O Well, you obviously didn't read it carefully...people, like vms915, who commented before you mainly noticed and rectified...

    2. Cool! I can use that easily!!
      -pupp1266 who doesn't feel like signing in :P

  5. Oh No! This is a tragedy! The absolute worst thing ever!(Sad music) I didn't win. :D Just kidding, congrats to the finalists! Best of luck to you. :)

  6. 1. I think it's 7..
    2. I don't know 8?? Just a guess so was #1!! I don't read harry potter
    5. Dumbeldore? Just another guess DX
    7. Katniss everdeen's sister is chosen to fight, she voneteers as tribute, and wins along with peta.. I think it's the only book out of these I've actually read!
    9. Just ANOTHER guess, a fox or a bunny? I read that book like 3 years ago but I forgot.. Am I aloud to put those two answers?

    Am I aloud to answer the rest in a different comment? I'm going to the library soon so I can get the books..

    -pupp1266 who STILL doesn't wanna sign in

  7. Oh, we were supposed to say the right answer if they were false. I missed that :|


  8. Hi kinyonga i emailed you my answers to round 2 today may 19th please check your email i just emailed u about one minute ago thanks,and if i win my username on animal jam is:aj94538. Thanks again kinyonga!

    1. Sorry, but only pupp1266 and snowyclaw can enter round two >.<
      It's because they past round 1...

  9. Kin Mercury's year is not longer than its day!!
    It's Venus!
    I think you got this from Temple of trivia, I noticed it too and sent them this:
    I would like to point out a mistake in the game temple of trivia.There's a question asking which planet has a day longer that its year. I clicked the correct answer-Venus, but it told me the correct answer is Mercury. Mercury has an 88 earth day orbit round the sun and it rotates on its axis every 58.6 earth days, making its day shorter than its year. However, a year on Venus lasts 224.7 earth days and a day lasts 243 earth days, thus making a day on Venus longer than its year. I know 11 year olds like me are not meant to be relied on, but please fix this issue.
    Hope this clears it up XD

    1. O.O Yes, I did... O.O
      Wow! Your username certainly suits you - Clever! :D