Monday, 20 May 2013

Round 3

Sorry, there's a round 3, and all because of my stupid brain >.< Sorry pupp!
See, round 2 was meant to end on the 19th. As it was 10 minutes to the 20th when I posted the "winner" post, I didn't think Snowy would enter. But then, of course, there was a time difference between our countries. So, here's round 3! Entries must be in by the 23rd ^.^
(More book questions!)

Q1. What is the hobbit's name and surname? 
Q2. Who, in the Hobbit, is Gandalf?
Q3. Is Michael Morpurgo (author) still alive?
Q4. Did Sherlock Holmes really exist?
Q5. Briefly explain what happens in the first Famous Five.
Q6. What's Narnia?
Q7. In the Chronicles of Narnia, what or who is the Dawn Treader?
Q8. Who is the main character in the detective series I'm writing? (Hint: look at my other blogs.)

Ok, good luck! :3



  1. Wow I don't even read any of those books. I'm not a big fan of books...

  2. pupp1266 who isnt wanting to sign in20 May 2013 at 16:14

    1. dont know.
    2. dont know
    3. hmm yes?
    4. uhh i guess so >.<
    5. still don't know
    6. a magical world in a closet.. i think
    7. evil person?? :/
    8. can't find it..

    -pupp1266, yes this is me.. without punctuation being tired XD I read a lot... not these books though!! D: i watched the movie of narnia so i hope im right ^-^

  3. Eh, there are multiple hobbits in Middle-Earth. lol.On of them has the surname proudfeet. o.o (thats not the answer btw XD)

    So, you have read the Hobbit? I really like that book. But its not as good as Lord of the Rings. The characters in that are exelent. So if you haven't read it, do so. If you don't, Gollum will be very dissapointed in you. >:(

  4. Good thing I love these kinds of books. ^.^ Sorry for not answering sooner, my browser crashed and deleted all my answers...

    Q1. The main hobbit's name is Bilbo Baggins!
    Q2. Gandalf the Grey (later Gandalf the White) is an immortal wizard known by many names. He's part of the Istari and the Fellowship of the Ring!
    Q3. I think so!
    Q4. No, sadly he is a fictional character. >.<
    Q5. My mom has these books! So there is Julian, Dick, Anne, and George and they find a shipwreck on an island after a storm. There is a box with a map inside and they go searching for treasure!
    Q6. Narnia is a magical land in the books by C.S. Lewis! At the beginning of time it was sung to life by Aslan, a great lion. It's often compared to Eden in the beginning, and later Heaven! Love that series...
    Q7. A Narnian boat built by the order of Prince Caspian for a journey. The front bears a dragon head!
    Q8. David! Looks like a pretty good story by the way. :)


  5. I stil dont get why you picked all these teen-ish books(as i call it). Why not like Ramona or something? Isn't Animal Jam meant for like 5-9?