Saturday, 25 May 2013

Who Won?

Meep Jammers! ^.^

I would have announced this yesterday, but I wasn't allowed on the computer. Anyway, congrats Snowyclaw! You won! :) Thus, you get these:
I've sent them to you from an account called "contestprizes".

And pupp, as you came second, you get these!

Well done! ^.^ 
Pupp, when can we meet so I can trade you yours?

Oh, and here are the right answers! :3

Q1. Bilbo Baggins
Q2. Gandalf is an immortal wizard.
Q3. Yep (unless he died 5 seconds ago...)
Q4. No, he didn't exist X3
Q5. Here's what snowy said - So there is Julian, Dick, Anne, and George and they find a shipwreck on an island after a storm. There is a box with a map inside and they go searching for treasure!
Q6. And as snowy said - Narnia is a magical land in the books by C.S. Lewis! At the beginning of time it was sung to life by Aslan, a great lion. It's often compared to Eden in the beginning, and later Heaven! Love that series... 
Q7. The Dawn Treader is a boat in Narnia, built by order of Prince/King Caspian.
Q8. My detective's name is David (McCarp).

I'll put up the next contest (60,000 views) the day after tomorrow!



  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP I JUST SCREAMED!!! :P It's pupp, and I don't know what time .. I added that account though so try and see when I'm on

  2. Im a member now!!

  3. Just as i expected, snowyclaw won ^^