Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Photo Contest Winner

Well done to everyone who entered! :D

But, sadly, I've had to disqualify one person - Springclaw.
Springclaw...I'm rather disappointed in you. Taking other people's photos...also...well, I won't go around spreading rumours which I'm not absolutely sure of.

For the winnings, there'll be the overall winner and a winner for each category.
The "each category" winners each get an Animal Jam Cami's Frog:
or a Howrse Medusa's Blood:
And the winner, who doesn't play Howrse, will win these:

So....who won? :3 
Well, here's the amazing winning photo!
I love it! Well done Pumaa!!! I'll send you the prizes as soon as I've clicked "publish" and logged onto Animal Jam :)

And the category winners!

For humour, the prize goes to LeNeon!
Cute, funny and simple! :)
You do play Animal Jam, don't you? o.o and your user is LeNeon?

For scenery...
Well done vms915!

And for animals...
Congrats, TheSafari07! I really like the lighting :)

And for things...
Well done SilverDawn!

I'll send all of the members their prizes, as well as my sister.
As for the others, please comment a time when you can come online! ^.^

P.S I'll post the raffle post as soon as I've sent the prizes.


  1. Oh sweet. Great photos everyone and congrats!
    Thanks and yeah I'm leNeon on Animal Jam.

  2. what, you said you send all the members their prizes and your sister? XD

    1. Lol, she's sending the members their prizes, and she's sending the members her sister too! XD

  3. Darn, I didn't win. D: Oh, well! There'll be plenty more contests. :D Good job everyone!

  4. Sweetpanda567899 July 2013 at 04:45

    :D I forgot to enter. :P

  5. Yay!

    I can be on right now, and for the next hour or so!


  6. Yay! My kitties won the animal category! :3 Congrats to EVERYONE who won!!!! All the pictures are FANTASTIC!!
    -TheSafari07 :D

    oh and thanks kin for the cami's frog! Now my frog I've had for a long time now can have a froggy buddy!! xD :D

  7. Thanks i like the mask a lot

  8. Vms, was that photo taken in the Great Smokey Mountains?

    1. It was taken near Boone, North Carolina

  9. Wait.. wouldn't flowers be scenery??

  10. Seriously, I cannot stand how infuriatingly annoying you are Kinyonga! Do you know how long it took me to upload those photos without anyone in my family's help? 3 hours. And then I come on here to see who won, and I find out that I'm practically the main subject here, when I had to walk up and down the mountains to take. I could have gotten lost or something and died, but I didn't and now your accusing me of cheating. You say your not going to be spreading rumors, but everyone that ever viewed this blog is going to start rumors and then I'll be hated. I am just so shocked that someone so nice, could do something like this. I mean really Kinyonga? You don't even play anymore, and your pulling a hate crime here.

    You know what? Im really disappointed in YOU. It's YOUR fault i'm the 'cheater' in Jamaa now. Heres a little quote I learned from a book:

    “If you're betrayed, release disappointment at once.
    By that way, the bitterness has no time to take root.”
    ― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut.

    I have to let out all of my disappointment for you now, so my bitterness for you won't stay for long.

    1. And yes. I feel a hatefire inside me for you right now.

    2. How did you take another person's picture if you don't know what the picture even is?

    3. I'm sure Kin has some reason for writing that. I mean like SOME sort of proof. But if not, well...people do make mistakes. But she doesn't seem like the kind of person to make up stuff about others without anything to back it up.

    4. It might just be a misunderstanding. ^^

    5. For your info, Springclaw, I'm not sure if you stole ALL the pictures, I'm just saying you stole at least 2 - the lion and the puppy peering through the wire.
      I've seen the lion one before, in an NG Kids I think it was. Remembering seeing it, I searched by images on Google - you didn't take it! Same for the puppy.

    6. Hum, as I don´t really know much about this I will try to stay up.
      Sorry to say, Springclaw, but I trust Kinyonga.