Sunday, 4 August 2013



Right, as this is a biggish contest, with biggish prizes, I'm going to make it an impossible-to-cheat contest ^.^
I may have to have more than one round, of course, but round one is going to be...

A Mini-Story Round

Meep! So all you have to do pretty much, is write a story. Here's what you've all been longing for! The rules! X3


 The story can be one you've written before - but it has to have been written within the last three years.
Nothing inappropriate - gore, _ _ _, racist, swearing, etc.
YOU have to have written it! YOU and only YOU. Basing it on someone else's book is ok, as long as it isn't too based.
The story is a mini story - you read it through, while timing yourself, and make sure it can be read within 10 minutes - 2 minutes at least, though.
To make sure you've read the rules (and I'm putting this here, in the middle so it's less easy to spot if you're just scrolling through), put your favourite animal in with your comment.
You must put your Animal Jam username.
I'm going to be judging on: grammar, punctuation, spelling and creativity.
You can send you entry in by email at or comment it, if it's short enough.
You must not mind it being something which everyone will see, if it happens to be the winner.
Only one entry per person!
If you break any of the rules, you'll be disqualified from entering this contest and all future ones!


This is really what you've been waiting for, isn't it? :p

1st place will win....

And something...


2nd place will win...

3rd place...








There we go! Now, start entering or writing! This round (and perhaps this contest o.o) closes on the 17th August.

Good luck, and no cheating! ;)



  1. Sweetpanda567894 August 2013 at 02:19

    -Thinks of a good story-

  2. Sweetpanda567894 August 2013 at 02:24

    I'm so gonna post a nice short 10 mins story by Friday. YAY!

    Thanks so much Kiny. :'D Best ever!!!

    I wish I win the first place. Wish me lucky. :)

  3. Username: princess3977

    Member status: (Just so you know :P) Member

    I was wondering if it's okay that I email you a story I did a few months ago at school. It was a version of my ending for a book, so I basically made the ending different, with 100% my imagination. I did use the original book characters, and everything normal it had in the story, I just wrote the ending different. If you haven't heard of the book, please search it! It's called Kensukes Kingdom. I would gladly email you the story, and I shall hope for the best!

    My Email:

    Thankyou so much! I hope for the best for all the people who entered! :)

  4. i cant believe it i cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think you under-exaggerated when you said "Huge Prizes" :3

  6. I might message it to you through howrse.. so no one take my idea *looks around suspiciously*

  7. Oh, and GIRAFFE

  8. I'm terrible at writing stories but here i go :3
    actually i can't think but it'll be up sometime :3

  9. Wow congrats kin! So I read that you can send in a story that YOU ALREADY MADE??? Because I have this really I have good one! I made it for my story blog for feast of thanks (thanksgiving) So I will send it in! AFTER I edit spelling errors and all that :3
    Good luck everyone! :)

  10. ok so I think ill try to figure a story out... :P

    1. hmm kin can non members enter??? and if so how will they get the prizes. Reply please, thanks

    2. user:wildjosh10
      animal: Rhinos
      and ill be doing a rhino story!

  11. Can i enter ANY story? That are following the rules of course! Like mystery, based on me, based on books.. Etc?


    Also kinyonga want to be buddies?

  12. My story shall be up later!

    Plus, my favorite animal is a giraffe.

  13. Yes! I have been thinking about stories lately I might give this contest a little go! :D

  14. Username:Animetacos
    Animal:Pandas :3

    All the time while I was reading this post, I was like "Oh my gosh oh my gosh".
    I'm gonna faint. This is awesome.

    I love snakes.

  16. Oh yeah and can it be any type of story? -persuasive, narrative, etc.?
    And can it be based on ANYTHING (that's appropriate)?

  17. Wow. So. Awesome.
    By the way, my favourite animal is probably a dog. A husky or a Cocker Spaniel. Maybe a koala. Or an iguana. Or a parrot. Or a hamburger.


    2. Hamburgers are one of my favorite including hot dogs :)

      batmanthehero7 aka colour456 aka h2h5 aka MoonDirtSSG so on

  18. Congrats for the 100 Followers!
    As for the story, can it be scary? It seems to be the only thing I'm good at.

  19. Woah.
    In case you don't know who I am, I am SammiHeart but now I just use my name.
    My favorite animal is the hummingbird, for no reason.

    I'm not finished, but I did read it in 4 minutes, 14 seconds. There may be some mistakes, but I'm gonna go edit right now. I made this during the school year, but you said as long as we made it during the past 3 years.

  20. Oh and, follow up to my last post, I didn't indent some of it because after a while, it started like, resetting itself to before I indented it.

  21. My story will be up on my blog, the Animal Jam Whip! My favorite animal is a wolf, but I love, love every animal in the planet, especially stuffed animals. :P

    1. OMB YOUR GONNA WIN Nafaria! Your such a great writer!

    2. OMB I saw your story!! It is SO COOL! Well I am going for 1st cuz founders is my dream item but all of the prizes are so awesome so i might as well skip founders and make a story that at LEAST would go into a top ten. Kinyonga is RARE! And gecko banner? OMB. Nafaria i hope you get 1st!-skydrain7

    3. Thank you, although I highly doubt I'll win. I really really really hope I win!!! This is one of the few writing contests I'm entering, I hope I win something!

  22. username: brooooke1234
    Animal: kangaroo
    Merp :3 I'm super interested in the Greek,Roman and Egyptian gods so ill write about them :3

    Once upon a time there was 2 kids named Max and Teddi. One day they decided to go to the beach for a little surfing. so they got up on a huge wave and were swept away into a mythical world :3they walked around and felt super dizzy and fell down. after a day or two they woke up staring into the god of sleep, Hypnos's eyes. they almost immediately fell asleep but luckily Neptune, Roman god of the sea, sent a wave of water at the waking them up. They walked around to find there were in Olympus and had almost ended the world O.O. Anyways long story short, when they were swept away, they flew into Egypt, and Set, the Egyptian god of evil. Set had sensed something bad about Max and Teddi and had almost killed all of mankind.. And so anyways Max and Teddi were about to die. :3 So they both went out and looked around and took some training with Ares and Artemis and learned how to use some weapons for any fights with set. So they both set off and explored New york city ( where Olympus was). So they went to a hotel and rested.
    They woke up to the sound or roaring and discovered a minotaur in the bathroom... Max had been good with a spear and stabbed the creature in the side and golden blood came flowing out. And a few minutes late the minotaur dissolved into gold dust. So Max and Teddi both set out On there way to a subway. So they got on without trouble and headed as far as they could to Egypt. So once they were there trouble came. Mrs, roman god of war,came. So he asked for a fight and man did Max and Teddi give him one. They stabbed shot arrows and wow was it cool. Soon they had brought mars down. So after all that they made there way to Set's place. After many more battles they finally reached Set. He had the head of a jackal. He was UGLY! So after a nice little talk over tea (LOL) Max rose up with a crook and flail in his hands. Apparently he becalm a pharaoh some how... Teddi rose up with a spear dagger and a bow and sheath of arrows. She loaded her bow and aimed at Set's head and let it fly. At they same time Max had spoken a spell ha-wi ( strike) And together they had both hurt Set, but not defeated him. This time Mx took out a dagger and Teddi spoke a Spell Ha-di ( destroy). And both had done even more damage and sent Set flying far,far away. He wouldn't bother them anymore .

    Sorry i would have written more but i didn't have enough time and i had a time limit.. Sorry it's not super great but.. Yeah.. BTW cool contest!

  23. OH MY GOSH! FOUNDERS? *Screams* XD

  24. And thank you so much! Also, my favorite animals are Snowy Egrets. ^.^

  25. User-gracebella861
    Fav. animal-manul

    Can we draw an illustration to go along with our story?

    1. If you like :3

      And @ whoever posted that comment which I can't find for some reason - of course non-members can enter! ^.^ And if a non-member wins, then we'd have to meet up and trade the prizes.

  26. Username: Phascolarctos
    Favorite Animal: Great White Shark or Saltwater Crocodile, I'm not sure :D

    I'm still working on my story, but I will send u it

  27. Sorry for the continuing comments, but here is an official one:
    Username: CometCatcher109
    Favorite Animal: Snowy Egret

    I'm almost done with my story, but I do have a question: Are there any specific fonts that we have to use? (Like Times New Roman, etc.) Or any other things like that? Thanks. ^.^

  28. Those are some interesting prizes.

  29. User Name: Partyanimalzz
    Favorite Animal: Owls, Eagles and Birds really

    I sent it to you!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Username: chocolate4050 (Scooter, owner of the Animal Jam Sky)
    Favorite Animal: Lions in real life, Arctic Wolves in Jamaa

    By the way I like the "Favorite Animal" idea! Smart thinking! ^-^
    Anyway I will email you my story soon! Thanks!!

    1. Hey Kinyonga did you get my email? Just checking. Sorry to bother you :)

  32. It would make it a lot easier if there was a word limit rather than a time to read limit.

  33. Can it be a scary story? It won't be gory :p I have a hard time comin up with ideas for stories :3

    1. @Pumaa - Yes, for some people. But for some people they don't have a document which counts their words - and for another thing, I'd have to count how many words I can read in 10 minutes XD

      @Mango - Yes, it can be :)

  34. Over 100 followers?! That's amazing! All I can say is congrats, congrats, congrats! Story contest. O.O I don't think I've ever entered one of those... Might as well give it a go. :D
    User: RockyTop2
    Favorite Animal: Sea otters, red pandas, and horses <3

  35. My favorite animal is a dugong!!!!!! I <3 them!!!!

  36. Okay, I will try and get my story in, sometime from the 7th - 15th. Oh and cam the story be a horror one, as long as it has no blood and gore, and isn't that creepy? And me so happy you have 100 followers! I'm thinking about starting a blog ( I have to ask my mom first). If she says yes, can you help me with it? Thanks Kiny. `Sara

  37. Oh and favorite animal... I have a lot, but my favorites would probably be a cat (wild and house) or a wolf.

  38. Congrats on getting 100 folowers!! :D I'll try my best to come up with a great entry! Good luck to all participants!

  39. Ah, I forgot to put my username and favorite animal!

    Username: AllRiseSilver
    Favorite Animal: Bengal Tiger :3

  40. Are we allowed to enter a story we have already written?

    User: vms915
    Favorite animal: Kitteh :3

    1. >.<
      I totally missed that in the rules....:P
      I am more of a skim reader. :3

  41. Oh, and here's the link to my entry! ;)

    Wish me luck, I hope my story was creative enough!

  42. :O
    Thats a whole lot of good items!!!
    -Cheesewedge :0

  43. Ok, I'm cheesewedge and my favorite animal is a fox!!! ^.^

  44. User name : Lllll XD ( Friend of Jamma)
    Fav animal : Tiger ( Real)
    Hm.. On Jamma? Maybe Arctic wolves :)

  45. So , my favourite animal : Tiger ( In real) ( In jamma doesn't looks so interesting)
    Arctic Wolf ( Deffiently) On Jamma
    User name: Llllll :P ( Friend of Aj)
    And I send you the text trough : EpicHaruno*****...You know the rest ^^

  46. My favorite animal is a dog I guess :3

    Kiny why are you giving such epic rares away O.O

    At least the prizes are going to me me definitely participate in the contest hehe :P


  47. Oh and thanks you guys for supporting me, even though I have my doubts, I have a twinge or belief too. =)

  48. Favorite animal: Pigs and Tiapers.
    Kin when dies this contest end?

  49. Congrats on 100 followers that's amazing!
    My favorite animal is a wolf
    And for a story is it ok to have guns in it not to kill anyone but to use it as a threat to a character? If not I can change them to tasers if that's ok too.
    ~ dooda123

    1. @dooda123 - that's fine :3
      @Supreme - Read the post XD

  50. I have a question for you Kinyonga, is it okay of I don't email my entry but just post it on my blog? I don't have an email, I use my mom's. Oh, and congrats on 100 followers!! :)

    1. Hi, I'm going to enter the contest before I do that when is the contest over?

  51. Username- KeikoTheKid
    Favorite Animal- ...Raccoon /).3.(\ ... or Samoyed Puppies ^w^

  52. Wow! This is a great idea!
    I'm so entering! (I love writing)

  53. Jammers of all ages, do you really think that Animal Jam is about adoption? Really? It’s not! People just SAY it is! Did you know, back in beta, there was a medical center? No? Well, sit back, and listen to the old times....
    When I joined Animal Jam, there was a place called the Medical Center. Jammers would pretend to be doctors, and every jammer had fun, even me. In February 2012, the Sol Arcade came and AJ deleted the Medical Center. Lots of jammers were heartbroken, and so was I. But to every jammer’s luck, the Pillow Room stayed! From time-to-time, someone would come in with me. The fullest it’s been that time was maybe 5 people! But, I don’t know when, some jammers decided to flip this game upside-down. Scamming, Hacking, and Drama strolled into Jamaa. And it wasn’t cool. Lots of jammers quit and this changed their lives FOREVER.
    Does anybody like drama? No. Nobody likes drama, and nobody will. We are ANIMALS!! If you disagree, then maybe you’re being raised by a hobo who will beat you up? Or maybe a toddler who’s just learning their ABC’s? Pretty creepy, huh? I’m being serious. Or maybe this is a serial killer we’re talking about! It’s true!
    So, my fellow jammers, DON”T ADOPT! Otherwise, Death is waiting at your door!
    ~kiki51772 peace love spiders~
    P.S. Fave is cat
    username is kiki51772

  54. My favorite animal is a raccoon. -Steals founders and tans-
    Gosh, I really need rares O.o

    My user is colour456, but I changed recently to Batmanthehero7. can you add me on that account?

  55. Hi kinyonga! Is it all right if my story is 2 minutes long? Plz reply this is urgent!!


  56. I'm going to do a realistic fiction/personal narrative. Wish me luck :3

  57. by the way, the anonymous talking about the realistic fiction/personal narrative is me (batmanthehero7) o3o not wolflover12203

  58. Is 3-4 pages ok o.o im a fast reader


  59. User: Sudopretzel
    Fave animal: Probably a black bear

  60. Favorite animal: leopard (I really like them all)

  61. Congrats on the 100 followers :)

  62. User: Infinitemajesty
    Fave animal: Arctic Wolf

  63. going for 4th

    some of my dream items are the prizes for 4th.
    omz, if i won i'd be all, "ima buy a hot tub, AND a microwave oven," and then i'd realize (after buying said things) that i have no money, and like... 4 bags of old cinnamon twists, old cinnamon twists are good cinnamon twists, all cinnamon twists are good cinnamon twists,

    so i'm going for 4th
    4 is too high for me to aim for.
    sorry for spamming, don't hold this against me.
    i have a question. it's called a question.
    if you do hold another round, what will it be?? (hold? is it host? gah, i dunno)

    -freshprinceofbelSCARE lololololololololololo *saffire pheowe*

  64. Batmanthehero7 aka colour456 :

    Wow, those are some generous prizes. anyway, i don't really have a email account and my story isn't short enough to enter it here... how should I enter my story o3o

  65. dont have skype. :l

  66. DX can u add me on batmanthehero7

  67. i never had a founder DX if i win... - rubs hands -

    :P ill find out a way


  68. Ok here is my story.

    It was peaceful on the savannah. The only sound was the breeze. Not a mouse squeaked or a bird chirped. But Leo was awake he sensed danger, human danger. Ever since he was a cub Leo has be worried by humans. They killed his mother. Now he was leader of the pride he must protect the others from these terrifying beasts. He got up and let out a terrifying roar. Every animal jumped and became very alert. ' We must travel north, away from the humans' he growled to his pride. Just then people came into view 'quick we must move' he warned but it was to late. The humans had spotted them. Leo went to fend of the beasts. But they shot him with a tranquillizer dart. Must sleep he thought and fell into a deep sleep.

    Leo opened his eyes tiredly. Where was he? He prowled around and realised. He was in a Cage! A CAGE!!! ' I must break free! I must break free! ' He roared. Then he saw those beasts on humans was looking at him through the cage. Leo heard what they we saying through the glass. ' That beast is the one I was going to sell you' said one man. ' Do you think he is write for the circus?' asked the other with a low voice. 'THATS WERE THERE TAKING ME!!! ' He roared. But what was he to do about it .

    Three days later Leo was lying in his cage when two men came in. 'Right lets get this beast out of here ' said one. Then the other one got out a tranquillizer and shot him.

    Years went by as he lived at the circus. He had to pull a carriage with men in. After three years crowds got bored of that so they premoted him to jumping on a rock and giving a huge roar. Leo stepped out into the crowd and jumped on to the rock. It hit him he was ment to be free he was ment to be ruling the savannah. His life flashed before him. Leo gave out a huge roar then leaped onto the ground but instead of what he was ment to do he butted at the door head first it came open easily. He ran and ran then gave out a huge roar. He was Free Free was a Bird.

    Sorry if this is to long to put here.

    My User is yenocb and my favourite animals are cats

  69. Monday, May 27-29, 1776
    My first diary. I can’t wait to write in it. I am already though. I got this diary right before Miss Mary Finch died. I didn’t know she was going to die. Mr. Robert wants to sell me and Ruth. I don’t want to be sold. I should be treated like a person not property! Don’t people know that? I just wanted to let that out. Mr. Robert sold me to the Locktons. They live in New York instead of Rhode Island. They are cruel. Really cruel. First of all I have to call my master Madam. That’s so silly. When me and my sister Ruth, arrived at the Lockton’s house, Madam was acting really weird. She was defending her underclothes from some soldiers. Ruth accidentally giggled because it was funny. I lied that I was the one who giggled. I didn’t want her to get in trouble. Madam slapped me super hard. It hurt so much. At the Lockton’s house, there was a lady named Becky. She works for Madam. She told me all the chores I had to do. I have to sharpen knives, wash the dishes, cook dinner, get water at the pump, empty the chamber pot, and all sorts of other stuff Madam wants. She just orders me around. I think that is horrible.

    Thursday, May 30, 1776
    Today is the second day I’m working for the Locktons. I have to wake up really early. Around six or seven. In the morning, I have to get water at the water pump. When I went to get some water this morning, I saw Curzon. I met him when I landed in New York. Curzon and a bunch of other people were there. I’m not sure what, but I think Curzon’s grandpa was there. His grandpa said that he’s not really a grandpa to Curzon and everyone else, he’s just like a friend. Everyone there are like a family. I’m proud to be a part of the family. While returning home to the Lockton’s, I saw two men who were waving British flags. One man had a bushy beard and mustache while the other had a really puffy, bright, white wig.They were chanting, “Us Loyalists will rule!” They did that over and over and over. They were probably Loyalists. I whispered ‘weirdoes’ to myself and rolled my eyes. I didn’t know they were coming closer to me. They came closer and closer because they probably saw me. I guess it was a pretty loud whisper. The man with the bushy beard and mustache came right up to me and yelled, “ What are you doin’ here slave girl?” I told them that I was just getting water for my master. The guy with the puffy wig said, “Who’s your master?” I didn’t reply. “Whatever, let’s go,” He said. They went on chanting down the street. That was a creepy time.

    Friday, May 31, 1776
    I want to record everything that has happened so I can tell you Momma. I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place, but I need to start somewhere. The third day working for the Locktons and I’m already tired. Madam Lockton doesn’t give me good clothes. I don’t get new clothes so I sleep in the same ones. It’s ripping and my shoes are pinching my feet because they’re too small. I basically sleep on a rock instead of a soft, squishy, warm bed. I don’t get my share of the good, healthy food. I get the leftover scraps. I rarely get any food though. I have to do so much work. Madam just yells at me to do something. She gets mad because I didn’t do the chore. She doesn’t give me time to do it though. Ruth doesn’t have to do all the work. All she does is peel potatoes or something. I don’t see her around that much though. I think she is Madam Lockton’s personal servant. Madam was teaching Ruth how to behave. She’s probably doing some horrible things to her. I hope she’s okay. She doesn’t talk that much anymore.

    A diary story based on the book Chains, by Laurie Halse Anderson. It's about a slave girl's life during the American Revolution.
    Oh and my favorite animal... sorry I can't tell you. It's personal. But I did read that thing in the very middle of your post.

  70. I'm a bit worried my story is too long. I can read it in 8 min but its just over three pages. Is that long enough?

  71. How about this? I comment the story, but you don't "approve" of the comment, so only you can see it. good? :3


  72. User: eilxir
    Fav animal: Cats
    Good luck everyone!

  73. o-o mine too. its 3 and 1/4 pages. is it alright? or i'll write a shorter story...


    p.s. i commented so much, just reminding my fav animal is racoon

  74. 3 parts of story ok?
    i can write another if its too long.
    plz don't enter this comment... i want it private until end of contest.

    Part 1

    The Unexpected Catch

    Mild winds of hot, steamy air filled the fiery beaches, occasionally stirring up small grains of sand. Our car screeched to a stop, the doors opened and sighs of relief poured out. Everyone was glad to finally reach our destination after several hours: a place to fish. I opened the door; a gust of red-hot wind blew in and stung my eyes like a hot piece of coal.
    The Chesapeake Bay Bridge was in the distance, a stream of concrete along a beautiful crystal-clear ocean. Cars zoomed there and then, a cloudless sky, a mild day. Pelicans plunged in, beaks full of fish, while cormorants nested below the bridge, occasionally diving in to find loose branches and twigs. The peaceful nature under humanization.
    As soon as I got out, my uncle went back to the trunk and produced four fishing rods, a large tackle box with reels suspended in the air. Then he pulled out Hot Cheetos, bags and bags of chips, enough food to last the entire week, sunscreen, and bait.
    While everyone rushed for the chips, my uncle put away our eager hands and held the sunscreen up. He put the chips away; then slathered tons of sunscreen on everyone and ran eagerly to the bridge going through the sea. Our shoes went crunch, crunch, filling up with hot sand, as I had forgot to wear sandals.
    This was my first time fishing. The last time a saw people casting, it looked simple: holding a stick, letting out the string and throwing it across as the line swished cleanly through the air with a silent ring. Then, boom! A fish catches, the person struggles for life to haul up the catch, and after several minutes they succeed, only to throw it back moments later.
    I chose a black fishing rod with spots of red, and my uncle taught me how to throw it. Once again, it looked easy.
    When it was my turn, I let go of the reel too early and my string got tangled in someone else’s. The next one, I did let go at the right time, only to fall a few feet from the deck. My third try went about a dozen feet to the left and fell with a loud pong. Frustrated, I gave up, but my uncle wasn’t done with me. He threw it for me and told me to hold it. Sigh.
    While everyone was in a frenzy of catching and throwing back and cutting worms and shouting at each other and all that, I gloomily sat down on a bench holding the fishing rod. The sun scorched the bridge, making everything fiery-red.

    Just then, when I was just about the reel up my line again to try fishing some other day when the temperature doesn’t go over a hundred degrees, the line shook.
    I didn’t know what to do. I called to my uncle, but he was busy slicing up worms into itty bitty bits. I looked at my brother, but he was also busy smashing chips into his mouth. So I made my mind, and pulled the line back up. I spun the reel around like crazy, spinning like a weaver, spin, spin, spin. The fish struggled just as hard as back, throwing the rod left and right, up and down. It wouldn’t give up, thrashing like a mad fish, until it was a few feet away from the dock. Suddenly, all the movement stopped. The area grew so silent; I thought the fish had gone away. Frustrated after using all that power on nothing, I sat down gloomily.

  75. Part 2

    Then, remembering I had to pull the line back up to get more bait, I reluctantly started reeling in the line slowly, pull, pull, pull. A seagull silently glided past the water, looking for fishes easy to snatch out of the water.
    Finally, the line came up, but with a strange feature: there was something stuck on the edge.
    Curious, I reeled it in more, all the way to the edge, over the bridge.
    And there, was a fish.
    Not just an ordinary, tiny, useless fish, there were two ordinary, tiny, useless fish! Both fish had fallen for the juicy (and bloody) worms. The two of them had dark spots on the cheeks, and were hanging neatly like fish in a market.
    I had no idea what to do again. So I looked around, found a small bucket full of water, and dumped it there. Just then, my uncle came over and his eyes widened. Uh oh, I thought. Maybe that bucket wasn’t such a fishing bucket.
    Finally, he came back to life. “Nice fish you caught,” he said.
    I was ecstatic; I hopped around in little circles, looking like a complete maniac.
    Confident and full of excitement, I threw the fishing rod as hard as I could, almost letting go of the rod. The line swished in a perfect arc and landed with a plop. Ripples went in and out.
    The sun began to set, a red fiery glow in the air, peeking out of the clouds as if it was saying a final goodbye. I grew drowsy, relaxing and almost falling asleep, and then boom.
    A giant shock snapped me out of my afternoon nap and got me to my feet. Shaking my head, I pulled slowly, thinking it was a normal striped bass or spot or something. However, when I pulled, nothing happened.
    I pulled again. Nothing happened.
    Full of adrenaline, I pulled and pulled for life, however, I couldn’t do more than bring the pesky fish a tiny bit closer.
    Even after the line was a few feet away, the thrashing didn’t stop (from both of us). I grew suspicious: normal fish don’t do that. After finally bringing it up, I wasn’t so sure it was a fish.
    It had a bluish-grey bottom, a green top, tiny black eyes hanging from above, and had sharp red claws. One was stuck greedily on the succulent worms.
    Arms stinging and legs shaking from the fierce battle, I took it over to the bridge, which was a mistake. As soon as I brought it to flat ground, it jumped off, sneakily taking the worm with him. The crab swallowed the worm, crab-walked all the way to the bottom of the bridge, waved his tiny red claws as if it was saying goodbye, you couldn’t catch me, and dropped backwards into the sea.
    Full of amusement and anger, I relaxed on a bench and hungrily finished off a large bag of chips. I’ve had enough of fishing for the day. The basket was full of fish; some had to be reluctantly thrown back as there was no space left. The sun was peacefully swallowed by the clouds, purplish, red, yellow and blue streams of light shooting out. The sea calmed down, ripples making their last vibrations, the winds blew away, and the seagulls cried one last screech.

    That night, we feasted.

    End :3

    real story o-o
    don't enter comment
    p.s. is this spamming

  76. Username- Peppywolf
    Favorite Animal- cats, any cats.

  77. Kin I was wondering, Are you going to announce the contest winners on the 13th or later?

  78. Kin I was wondering, Are you going to announce the contest winners on the 13th or later? If later how long would it take?

  79. how'd you like my story? :3


    and thanks for adding me, im colour456.

  80. if its too long, my story, i might do one about phantoms attacking jamaa, and only the smart alphas win...

  81. My story is rather long (okay pretty long). But when I read it, it's not more than ten minutes. However... I do read pretty quickly, and I tend to absorb writing really fast. Kinyonga, if it takes you or other people more than ten minutes to read it does that mean I'll be disqualified? D:

  82. I'm rainyviolet, and my fav animal is a peacock. :)

    Once upon a time a farmer, Peter, lived in a village. He had few acres of land. One hot afternoon, the poor farmer was digging his field. All of a sudden, his spade hit something. Then he continued his digging. “It is a big metal pot,” said Peter. It was big enough to boil rice for more than hundred people. “It does not seem to be of any use to me. I will dig deeper. May be I will find something else,” thought Peter. He continued to dig.

    After he had dug for a long time, Peter felt tired. “It is of no use. There is nothing in this field” he thought. Then at once, he threw the spade into the pot in frustration and sat under a tree to take rest for a while.

    After a while, when he got up to leave, he could not believe his eyes. There were one hundred spades in the pot. “This is a magical pot. I will put this mango inside the pot and see what happens,” Peter thought. Then Peter put a mango into the pot. To his astonishment, he found one hundred mangoes in the pot. Peter carried the pot to his home and kept in a secret place so that no one would become aware of it.

    After that, he put many things in that and everything became hundred folds. With that pot, he became a rich man. The King came to know of the pot and its whereabouts. The King was curious to know about it and he was a greedy King. “I want to find out the secret of the magical pot. If it is valuable, it should be in the King treasury,” the King thought. Then at once, the King ordered his men to bring the farmer and his pot.

    When the magic pot was brought to the King’s chamber, he did not know what to do. The King thought, “Let me see what is there inside this pot which makes this pot so magical?” He peered inside. Inadvertently, he slipped and fell inside the pot. When he climbed out of the magic pot, he was shocked to find that there were one hundred Kings, all convinced they were the true King.

    All the kings then started to climb the throne. They fought among themselves and in doing so destroyed each other. “The foolish King took away the magic pot from me out of curiosity and eventually he died. This magic pot has killed the King himself,” said the farmer and he to be safe left the magic pot at the treasury of the King itself. Moral? Do not let greed make you ignorant!

    I hope you liked my fairy tail!!!!!

  83. hey kinyonga, what time are the last entries due (and in what time zone and what day)? thanks!

  84. Any entries submitted after 9am French time, tomorrow (18th) won't be accepted :)

  85. Well this is my story. Im dooda123 and my favorite animals a wolf

    I wake up to the smell of mold and. "Where am I", I whisper. I try to get up but I realize I'm handcuffed to the wall. I look over my right shoulder to find Jack slumped over; knocked out cold. It's been ten years since North America separated. Jack and I are spy's for the C.O.W.I.A, it's where California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Arizona use to be. I don't really remember what we were doing or how we got caught, but we did. Now they will kill Jack and I, and I will never get to see my family again. All of a sudden the cell door opens and a man comes in.
    "Get up", the man tells me.
    "I can't, I'm handcuffed to the wall", I say.
    The man walks torwards me, unlocks the handcuffs, and puts his gun to the back of my head. He pushes me forwards, with the gun still on my head. It takes for ever to walk to our destination. Finally we get there and he motions me to sit. Then more guards come into the room and aims there guns at me.
    "Ok, I'm going to ask you some questions and you will answer", the man says.
    "Fine", I say through clenched teeth.
    "What's your name?"
    "I don't see why I have to tell you that", I tell the man.
    "You will tell me or we will shoot you."
    "Rebecca Jones!" There are you happy!
    "We'll you have some aditude Ms. Jones", the man tells me. "Now how old are you?"
    "Sixteen", I answer. He writes some more on his notepad.
    "What were you and that boy doing I'm room c274?"
    That's when I remember what we were doing. The C.O.W.I.A assigned us to a mission; to break into the capital of the colonists and steal their important files, paperwork, and battle plans. We made it into the room where they store them and then that all I remember, but I don't think I should tell him that.
    "I was just looking around", I say. Then he starts laughing.
    "Just looking around!" Your a horrible liar! All of a sudden he grabs his gun and hits me hard in the jaw with it, and then the room grows dark.
    When I open my eyes Jack is sitting by me and shaking my shoulder.
    "Becca, we have to get out of here!" I sit up and see that the cell door Is open and Jack has a gun. I don't even want to know what happened to the gaurds outside the cell.
    "Jack how did you do it!"
    "No time to explain, come on."
    I stand up and pain goes through my head and I have a welt on my jaw.
    "Wow that man must have hit you pretty hard, you were out for three hours, and he said out execution was scheduled for 10:55 P.M. I'm still in shock when Jack drags me down one hall and then another. Then I hear the pounding of footsteps and angry yells.
    "Jack their right behind us!"
    "Just keep running", Jack says
    Bullets are flying everywhere, and windows are shattering. All of a sudden Jack falls to the ground and clutches his arm.
    "They shot me!", he screams.
    At this point the guards are right behind us. I pull Jack up and pull him to me. I run as fast as I can. Then I stop. We have reached a dead end. We're traped and now we will die. Then I see it, I small square door. It's a trash shoot. I open the door and look down. It leads to an alley.
    "Jack come on we have to slide down."
    "But m..." I cut him off.
    "This is our only chance!"
    I push him down and I hear him yell. I know he's in pain and it makes me cringe when I hear him hit the ground. Then its my turn. I start screaming. It's bumpy and steep, when I hit the ground pain shoots through my body.
    "Jack are you ok?"
    "As well as I can be", he answers. "You saved us Becca."
    "You did to Jack."

    Two weeks later

    As we walk over the last hill, you can see the city. Jack is leaning against me, holding his arm.
    "We're home", I whisper.
    "Yes we are", he says

  86. whoops sorry for this extra comment, but if it did send properly in email, please read from that email because it'll probably be way better and easier.