Monday, 25 November 2013

And the Winners are...

Meep Jammers!

I am SO sorry about the delay! Dratted computer... *sigh*

Well, it's been pretty hard judging this contest! 
Lots of entries.
One person who had to be disqualified for stealing someone's drawing.
Lots of really good entries which it's so hard to choose between.
Trying not to get influenced into saying "yes" or "no" just because I like / don't like the style.
Debating whether or not it's ok to make someone win several times in quick succession. (Poll over there -->)

Anyway, I've finally chosen the two winners! ^.^
(Well, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be posting all of this...)



Here's her amazing entry!




_Last edited: January 3, 2050

Name: Yifan, Jin
ID Number: 764193
Status: Anomaly
Date of Birth & Age: May 13, 2030‐ 19 years old.
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 175 cm.
Weight: 54 kg.
Jin is described as having a lithe and thin, yet strong, build. He has naturally black hair with streaks of
sapphire blue. The blue was a side effect of experiments conducted on him. His eyes are dark gray, with
specks of blue in his irises. He was last seen wearing a buttoned, long sleeve blue shirt, black jeans, a
long violet scarf, and old sneakers. An armband with his name written backwards on it was tied around
his left bicep. Jin is armed with a post‐war, ice colored dagger that is believed to be extremely valuable
to history.
Mother: Cara Yifan (Deceased)
Father: Kris Yifan (Deceased)
Jin was raised in east Saphyr City (Formerly known as New York City) by his parents. His parents, who
were biologists employed by Society, refused to carry out orders and were terminated. Jin was taken to
be a test subject for Gaia Medicines and Sciences for Society, since he had no other living relatives to
care for him. In June, 2049, Jin took advantage of a malfunction in security and escaped. Aided by illegal
Felons and an unidentified young man, Jin freed the rest of the test subjects and destroyed the Saphyr
City lab. He successfully escaped in an unlicensed heli‐plane; his whereabouts and intentions remain


_Last edited: May 10, 2049

Test Subject: Yifan, Jin
Formula(s): SN542K, KS998J
Subject is shown to have heightened sense of vision and hearing. Subject has also displayed higher than
average stamina, speed, and agility. Has become exceptionally resistant to pain, grief, and fear. Subject’s
capacity to sympathize and show remorse or regret has been diminished.
Personality & Ability Summary:
Jin is stubborn, hot‐headed, and easily lashes out at anyone against him. He is acutely aware of small
details and his environment. He shows no signs of becoming docile and complacent, despite different
drugs that have been tested on him. When provoked, Jin becomes savagely sadistic and will fight for
hours on end. Even when his opponents are down, he will continue hurting them unless taken away. He
was questioned about this habit, and he only replied, “I liked it.” This issue will be dealt with soon.
However, he shows slight compassion for the younger test subjects and has more than once attacked
the guards when other test subjects were terminated. Jin is known for his snarky and sarcastic
personality and he enjoys shaming others by pointing out their flaws. He blames Society for his parents’
termination, and has sworn vengeance against the leaders of Society.
Jin has no unnecessary fat on his body; it has all been replaced by pure muscle. He is able to leap
exceptionally far and high. When under severe pressure, he can run at a steady pace for 6 hours and 47
minutes straight before collapsing. Due to his higher metabolism and stamina, Jin must consume 3,200
calories per day and will faint if not given food for more than two days.
‐Rather short‐tempered and quick to show anger and frustration.
‐Frequently refuses to comply with commands and tests.
‐Has unsuccessfully attempted to leave the compound 19 times.
‐Drugs such as laudanum seem to have no effect on him.
‐Is left handed and is able to wield weapons such as guns and knives with both his right and left hand.
‐Flawed by claustrophobia; it is unknown if his fear is part of his own nature or a result of

Brilliant! ^.^ Her character is one in her story - which won a prize in my 100 followers contest -, which if you haven't already read, do so. Click HERE to go to it. It's somewhere on that page... ;)

And here's her brilliant drawing!

AllRiseSilver, you will receive: 



Here's her fantastic entry!
Click on the image to enlarge it.
(Sorry the text has gone a bit funny...not sure how that happened? Well, it's still readable.)

And here's her great drawing to go with it!
 Well done! 

Wolfgirlgo, you will receive:

I believe you're both member? Or maybe you were both member... Or maybe you're both non-member o.o
*logs onto Animal Jam and checks*
Ah. *sigh* None of my theories turned out to be correct.
Wolfgirlgo's a member, and AllRiseSilver isn't.
Wolfgirlgo, I'll send you your prizes asap (depending how much science homework I have to do, lol), from my account "contestprizes".
And AllRiseSilver - you have one of these options ;)
1. Arrange a time for us to meet.
2. Email/comment (comment moderation is always on) a SPARE account and password which I can trade the items on to.
3. Think up something else :3

Well done everyone! ^.^


P.S The next contest will be at 150 followers/views...


  1. Oh, cool! I love how allrisesilver's was set up. Funny how both the characters sorta kinda look the same. ish. XD

  2. Thanks so much! Yeah her drawing is better then mine, I actually really like her drawing and the way she did her description! Great job Allrisesilver and everyone else!


  3. Thank you so much, Kinyonga! I'll email you about the arrangements. And thank you to RockyTop2 and Wolfgirlgo also! ^▽^

    @RockyTop2- I guess ours do look similar since they're both in an anime/manga style. >u<

    @Wolfgirlgo- Congratulations and great job on your drawing, too! :D I really love how Blade looks.

    I think it would be cool to post the rest of the entries (if that's possible) to acknowledge the other participants' hard work. But it's just a small suggestion (^_^)