Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Sorry for the delay in judging, I got a fever yesterday and...yeah.

Now, a lot of people got 15 out of 20, lots got 14 out of 20 and one got 16 out of 20.
Now, as I don't have 4 fox hats nor 3 x whatever 2nd prize was, I'll have to do another round ;)
The ONLY people who can enter round 2 are:
Round two will be posted shortly ^.^
Meanwhile, here are the correct answers:
1. Which country do I live in? :3 - I live in France!
2. Which country has the Tower of Pisa? - Italy.
3. Which Kenyan tribe is well known for it's outstanding runners? - Kalenjin.
4. How many inhabitants does China have? - 1.35 billion +
5. The oldest breed of cat comes from...? - Egypt.
6. Which country in the world is the most warring? - Somalia.
7. Which country in the world is the most peaceful? - Iceland.
8. Where did the Vikings come from? - Scandinavia.
9. Which country do the breed Knabstrupper horses come from? - Denmark.
10. Where will the 2016 Olympics be held? - Rio de Janero, Brazil.
11. The Amazon Rainforest covers which countries? - Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.
12. What is the British national animal? - Bulldog, red fox, mute swan, European robin and red deer.
13. Who (obviously I mean the main person, not all the helpers and stuff :p) built the Statue of Liberty and which country were they from? - Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, from France. Mr. Eiffel also contributed.
14. Which "continent" is not actually a continent? - the Arctic.
15. What did Thailand use to be called? - Siam.
16. Which countries border Nepal? - China and India.
17. Is Mali landlocked? - Yes.
18. Do you only get Giant Pandas in China? - Yes, other than zoos.
19. Which country is famous for it's flat ground, windmills and tulips? - Netherlands.
20. Which country did Erin Hunter come from? - That was a trick question, sorry :p There are lots of people who write under the pen name of Erin Hunter - 3 of them live in England, 1 in Scotland and 1 in Venezuela.

Well done everyone who entered! ^.^

Again, round 2 will be up in a moment.

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  1. aww if only i knew about this in the first place DX, i need betas for my den :3