Tuesday, 11 February 2014



Sorry for the horrible lateness in judging.
I, to tell you the truth, *cough* couldn't be bothered.

But now I am ;)

I'll give the correct answers first.

1. How long does a female penguin go without eating while egg-sitting? - Sorry about this question, I should have specified the type of penguin. But 1-2 months is fine for an answer.
2. How do lion prides work? - There's the leader of the pride (a male) and several females. The females generally have cubs around the same time, and the cubs can suckle from any one of the lionesses. The male cubs, when they reach the age of two years or so, either go and form their own pride or take over their current - or another - pride. Females sometimes leave and join other prides, too.
3. For what reasons do wolves howl? - Communication - "there are some deer over here" "stay out, this is our pack" "females, it's mating season".
4. What do you get if you breed a donkey and a horse? - A mule or a hinny.
5. How long can a tapeworm get to be? - 17 metres.
6. What do baby hedgehogs look like? - Pink in colour with white, rubbery spines.
Picture from Google Images.

7. What is a liger? - A hybrid offspring from a male lion and a tigress.
8. What is it that prevents the male liger from reproducing? - The males are sterile. ("Nature's way of keeping things clean.")
9. What are the names for a (breeding) female, (breeding) male and juvenile cat? - Queen, Tom (or Tomcat) and kitten.
10. Which of these is/are not a wild wolf's eye colour - green, blue, amber, yellow, brown, black? - Blue.

Now, in first place, is RockyTop2!
You get this.

In second place is SilverDawn!
You get this.

Everyone else got 6 or 5 XD so, as I don't have enough fox hats to go round, I'll use a random number generator to pick one of you.
And in third place is WhenLifeGivesYouLemo!

Congratulations, hoomans! (Or non-hoomans, whatever you may be.)

The members have been sent their stuff, and I'll trade to SilverDawn.
(It'll be sent by an account called "contestprizes".)
Well done everyone! ^.^


  1. Congrats winners! ^.^

  2. I won? Wow, that's crazy. Good job to the other winners! :) And thanks for the prizes, Kin.